If a guy is really busy getting his life in order?

Should I just step back and let him figure himself out? I guess when he is ready, he will come to me right? We were dating casually. He disappeared and then texted me how I was doing a month after disappearing. He misspelled a lot in his texts like he was trying to explain that he has been really busy with his internship and work. He stated that he almost getting a full time job and he didn't contact me because he doesn't have time for any kind of relationship.

I got over it and got a job at a startup so I really don't have time to deal or demand any explanation. I just texted him that I am going to be busy with job. We really just don't have time and I wanted him to focus on what best for him.

I think I was too kind in my message but I am not sure if I should contact him. It is like 3 weeks now and I really want to reach out and see how he is doing but then I don't because I figure if he got his life in order, he would come to me or move on.



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  • I'd leave him alone and just concentrate on yourself, get out and meet new guys. You're right, if he was so interested he would have been in contact. It was rude of him to date you then disappear and not contact you for a month - you need someone who respects you enough to be honest (not run away like that) good luck with the new job!

    • You are so sweet! Thanks! I am going to work hard and make a better life for myself. :)