Why would he assume I have a boyfriend?

I don't get why people assume I have a boyfriend. This happened twice today. The first time was by someone I didn't know and the second is this guy I sit next to in my summer class that I am slowly getting to know. I'm guessing he just assumed because I was smiling at my text messages that it was a guy but really it was my best friend telling me a funny story.

Could it be because I wear snap backs and flat billed hats? The hats are mine, I know better than to take a guys hat unless he gives it to me for awhile. Or is it just that I am 20 and a lot of people my age are in a relationship?

I just want to know why people think I have a boyfriend. Could it be keeping guys from approaching me and asking me out?


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  • sometimes I assume a girls has a boyfriend if she's pretty. because if you're pretty youve obviously been asked out by a bunch of guys and most probably found out that you liked out of them

  • Perhaps, you wear a ring.


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