Should I confront him? please help

Should I confront him?

I've been talking to this guy that I've known

for a year and we're NOT dating but we've

kissed and had sex and we talk like were

dating but were not... Anyways long story

short is my friend saw him at the park with

another girl.. He was on the swing and they

were hugging and stuff... I don't know if they kissed..

Should I tell him about this or no? I don't know what

to do since we aren't dating. please and


And if you do think I should confront him

about this, what should I say


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  • Confront.

    "A friend of mine saw you in the park with someone. I'm not mad, I'm not jealous, and nobody did anything wrong. But it got me thinking. Its time we define 'us' "

    By define 'us', cover bases like -

    "Do you want to go exclusive" and "I'm not sure if I feel comfortable with continuing sleeping with you unless we go exclusive" or whatever it is you want.

    Because of your age (18-24), I think you should avoid an FWB scenario but of course your life, your call. The reasons are another wall of text in itself.

  • Yes, confront him please.


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