He doesn't ever text me or call me!

he is graduating this year (senior) and I am a junior.. he just wants to hook up the two of us, doesn't really want to hook up with other people, or doesn't want me to, but he can't have a girlfriend or ask me out... the thing is I don't know what to think of this relationship, we have never gone out on a date, we always just go to each others house and end up hooking up (no sex, but basically everything besides that) the only time we've gone out (before the hooking up started) we were with a group of people... he doesn't really ever text me or call me, if he does text or call, it is just to hang out - and when we hang out that basically just feels like hooking up, he asked me to hang out and I was like I am kinda getting bored of this and he got really mad and said we will talk later.. I know that wasn't that nice to say, but I'm kinda glad I said it, even my mom thinks he is using me for like one night stands she basically said in so many words (I don't even tell her anything about me and him, like I hate talking to her about stuff like this lol and she even noticed it)... he says he likes me but his actions don't agree, like I think he is playing me... so what do you think, I'm scared he is going to call me soon and I never know what to say, lol I just wish he would text me so I could think of what to say! tell me what you think PLEASE!


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  • if he is telling you he doesn't want a girlfriend and doesn't want to ask you out or be in a relationship with you but he wants to "hook up," he is just using you, sorry. he wants the fun without the commitment, and at the same time doesn't want you to date anyone else so he knows he still has you all to yourself. being in that situation is like giving him all the power...NOT a good idea. eventually you will probably develop feelings and his will stay exactly the same as they are now, and you will get hurt. or even if you don't develop feelings, you are right, he will just be playing you. when or if he calls you, tell him that you deserve more respect than that and unless he wants a real relationship, he can find another hook up buddy. that's what I would do anyways.

    • PS; him texting and calling only to hang out (which eventually leads to hooking up) is basically the definition of 'booty call'...i think you can do a lot better than this guy. not to sound like a mom or anything, but you should listen to your mom on this one :/

    • Yeah thanks.. I completely agreee withh youu lol it sucks but its kinda true... the only problem is that I am going to his prom so I feel bad like being like okay bye! haha and his prom is coming uppp... also I know someone who used to go out with him and like he was a great guy I heard...

  • It is possible to be in a relation, only if both people want one. Do you know for a fact he doesn't? His volutility makes me question whether he's a good person to be around at all, getting angry when you try to speak your mind. It may be worth another try, though. Be direct in what you want, you owe it to yourself as well as him (seems your given him enough of yourself, some truth wouldn't kill him. If he doesn't reAct how you'd like him to, don't "hook up with him", he'll be gone next year, it's whatever!