What does her indifference mean?

So Iv met this girl who is super shy, doesn't have a lot of guy friends, and is really modest and sweet, and through just talking to her as friends I started to really develop feelings for her and eventually asked her to a dance at our school just as friends with the main message being I'd really like to get to know you better, she seemed taken off guard by this but did say yes, seemed to enjoy herself there, and has actually become pretty good friends with me since then, always smiles and waves when she sees me in the hallways and stuff, and has some good conversations with me on occasion, but one thing iv noticed, is how indifferent she can be towards me and around me sometimes, she is really bad about responding to text message, to the point where I wonder if my messages are bothering her, (I really only text her to set up plans or ask questions about something involving school, and have only really had a couple real conversations with her over text). Not only that, but she seems extremely uncomfortable talking to me when we are around other people, like pretty much to the point where she seems to almost ignore me, and not really engage in conversation with me at all.

I just don't know what to make from it all, the mixed messages leave me wondering if she has a problem with me or something. What do you all think of these things? Do you think she is just uncomfortable around me? Unsure if she wants to be friends with me? Am I just not picking up on hints to leave her alone? Sorry if this was long, just feel the more detailed the better.


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  • Maybe you should talk to her face to face instead of texting. Maybe she just forgets to answer your text or maybe she's jut lazy or maybe she just does that with everyone. The only way to know is to ask her.

    So man up and ask her, friends are honest with each others or they are not really friends. And you obviously want something more, another reason to have an open hearted conversation with her.

    • Thank you for actually responding! I certainly do have plenty of conversation with her in person, all I was saying by "iv only had a couple real conversations with her over text" is that I don't think my texts SHOULD be too frequent and annoying, as if to say I don't think I text her too often. We do about 90% of our talking in person! And you know I guess your right, I do plan on asking her to lunch soon, maybe then I can have an open hearted conversation with her about it.

    • I was just saying that maybe you should ask her what her indifference means I was trying to be mean or anything. And if you are going to ask her out to lunch good for you !

    • Totally understand, you said what you thought needed to be said, I appreciate your honesty! No feelings hurt! :D

      Ya I personally think her indifference is just being more comfortable talking to her friends than me, so it seems like she is ignoring me, once iv gotten a little closer to her if it continues then ill make sure to bring it up to her! But wanted to get some outside thought! Thanks for your help!

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