How do I get her to want to text me?

I work with this girl and we've known each other for probably 4 days? Anyways, I texted her and she's replied but she doesn't seem to be like really wanting to talk. I wanna hangout with her at some point but first I have to make her wanna talk to me. What should I say?

Oh and by the way, I felt like at work we got along great and talked for a while. She acted like she wanted to!..


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  • Why did it seem like she didn't want to keep taking through text? Maybe keep trying to talk to her through text and if she out of no where doesn't reply or gives you short answers its a bad sign and should leave it at just friends.

    • She just seems to like answer my questions and be nice and everything but its mainly me keeping the texting going..

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    • How long should I wait to text back? Don't wanna seem desperate to her lol

    • Umm I check and see how long they took to reply and try to take the same time as them lol, but since she texted you first I say like 10 15 minutes just so she won't think you're on your phone 24/7 waiting for someone to text u.

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  • If she doesn't seem like she wants to talk by text, then don't text her that much. if she looked enthusiastic in person, just go up to her and ask to hang out somewhere to see how she responds. Then you have your answer.

    • I totally would but we don't have the same shifts very often which is why I wanted to text her...

    • Then text her, but if she doesn't seem enthusiastic, I wouldn't even go all out like that over her. I'd just be patient until I see her next time and then ask her to chill whenever our shifts line up.

    • Alright thanks man!

  • Simply make your conversation interesting.

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