How to be able to find dates with no time?

I work everyday of the week and each day I'm really busy. During the weekends I have a little more time to hang out with my friends: go golfing, watch the playoffs, etc. But no real time to go parties since I have to work the next day, every day! So going out and meeting girls at bars or social events are near impossible since I have no time!

I know there are dating sites and all that but I find I can't really commit to those sites and was never that into dating sites.

There is a girl I'm more interested in, but we haven't officially met. But we are friends on Facebook, not much ha ha but its something. She's just an example but could I use Facebook as a dating site? I use it fairly often and check it daily. If I can, how do I use it as a dating site? How would I start talking to this girl, when we know who we are, but at the same time we don't? ha ha confusing but it pretty much sums it up!

And sorry if this whole text is confusing, I'm pretty tired from work so I'm not 100% there haha. But I really want to be able to date girls like used to when I had time, any help?


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  • Guess you could just check her profile for her interests a start a convo with that. But you don't seem to have time to go on more than one date at a time. And it's hard to find girls that are willing to see a guy just one day per week


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  • Go to clubs.

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