Should I text him first? Help!!

I've been out on three dates with a guy, and on the third date we really had fun. However, we never kissed. I'm afraid I got friend zoned, but I'm also afraid that he's afraid that I don't like him. I talked to one of my guy friends about it and he told m that he was sure that he still liked me. But I'm really not sure! He didn't text me after the date, and he hasn't texted me today either. Should I go ahead and text him first? I'm bad at showing my emotions, so maybe he thought I wasn't into him? Should I text him or just wait for him to text me? I really want to see him again.


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  • In my last relationship with a girl, we didn't kiss until months later after having dated x amount of times already. I'm saying there's no particular set time and day; just when the moment to kiss feels right to both of you. But yeah, if you had to put it in some formula, I would agree that after three dates if there's no kiss there's a possibility of having the interest fizzle out. I would still persevere if I were you, and make sure you don't give him any signs that you friend zoned him, unless of course he does it to you first. Otherwise, just send him another text (tomorrow, for example) saying that you'd like to go out again. If you're lucky though, he'll probably initiate sooner.

    • Thanks. He still hasn't contacted me, and I'm a little weary of contacting him. I don't want to seem desperate or needy. I guess if he wanted to talk to me he would... Thanks for the advice, though. I guess I'll just forget about him a move on!

  • Yes, do it.


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