"Today is not just any day ... It's special." What's he up to?

So today stated out like any other except I got this wonderful text from my boyfriend. I'm naturally inquisitive and I'm curious about he's up to but I don't want ask him too many questions.

The text read:

Good morning babe I hope you slept good Because you need to be ready for today because today isn't just any day it's a special day. Why because you have a chance to press the reset button to make this day like no other...

I responded by telling him good morning and thanking him for the inspiration. But after I thought about it I started wondering what's he up to? Because in the morning he's the meanest thing ever ... And he was up early. So I'm wondering what you guy think because I'm stumped...

We love each other and eventually I hope we get married but I'm not trying to push the subject because he's divorced (just over a year) and financially we can't afford to merge as I am a single mother. Really the finances aren't a big deal but we would definitely be better off if we were making more money. I know that he's is a least thinking about marriage because he brought me an engagement guide from Zales a few weeks ago. But I haven't even looked at it because I don't know if we are ready or at least me...

But with what he said above ... What do you think he could be up to?

Drum roll please ... Went to see him that day and guess what ...

The M-fer had a condom in his trash can. Asked him what that was about and he said that he didn't do anything with girl because she wasn't me and that he had a news flash in his brain saying that he shouldn't do it because his ex-cheated on him and that's what ended their relationship - what a f-ing say that was.


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  • could be a million things...just wait for the surprise to come!

  • Quite vague.


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