Girls, would a tattoo be a factor?

In weather or not you would date a guy. If you found out about it before or after you started dating. Does it depend on what it is? I have a large arm tattoo but its a memorial for my dad could this be a deal breaker. But just in general what are your thoughts on tatt's.


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  • This sums up my thoughts on tattoos:



    I love tattoos! Still have yet to date a tattooed guy tho :(

    • Good to know! If only that would work for me.

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    • That's a surprising opinion from a person without any. (In a good way)

    • Thanks for BA! :)

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  • As long as its only one or two tattoos and they are tasteful and have meaning to the guy, fine, not a big deal. Anything more or something that would make me uncomfortable looking at it, is unattractive. I personally have one tattoo. No guy has ever seen it. That is not a deal breaker.

    • What is your tattoo and where is it? You've got woundering?

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    • Nice I've heard the ribs hurt like hell!

    • Like a cat sinking its claws in a sunburn and dragging then down. It wasn't that bad but I have a high pain tolerance.

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  • It seems so from what I've seen