Boyfriend ex claims it was his baby

Before I can long my boyfriend was dating this woman for one or 2,months about a one 1/2 a year and a half ago. Anyways she claimed she was having his baby and was up set that he moved on. She had the baby and text him and started complaining that he wasn't with her. He had never seen the baby so we don't know if its his or not. when she didn't get her way she stopped texting him for a year. recently she texted saying the baby died in April. If the baby died in April why didn't she text him when it happen? Why wait until now? Anyways she has pics of the baby and won't show him. Should he go to her house to see if it was true that the baby was his buy looking at the pics? I don't understand why he wants to go over to the house instead of meeting in a public place. What happens if she isn't over him?


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  • Firstly, he should go and find out whether the baby was his. Why did it take so long? If that baby was his and has now died, he'll have lost the chance to meet his first born. Sorry, but he doesn't sound like that great a guy - if an ex told me she was pregnant with my child, I'd make damn sure I was there for the kid even if I was dating someone else. If there was doubts over who the father was, there's always DNA testing.

    Secondly, is there the possibility that this baby doesn't actually exist? Does sound slightly like she was trying to trap him, but fake pregnancies are typically closed with a miscarriage. Harsh, but might be worth considering.

    Thirdly, it makes sense to go to her house - that's where the photos will be, and if his ex is going to get upset talking about her dead child, she might prefer to be at home rather than out in public. So long as he doesn't lie about it, you've got no reason to worry. Why does it matter if she isn't over him? If you trust him, nothing will happen.

  • theres no baby, she wants him to feel bad for her and hope that she comes back to her. There no baby! there's a www of pictures.


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