Does this have a future?

I've been dating this guy for 6 weeks and we are really enjoying each others company. We've been on a short vacation together last week and it was great. He tells me he really likes me and is very attentive, sweet, caring and loving. Great sex, great conversations. Everything is perfect. The only thing that isn't is the fact that in 3 weeks he is going back across the Atlantic, possibly for the next 6 months, but maybe comes back for work after that.

We haven't really talked about this, kinda are avoiding it, talked about it once when we were drinking on a night out during the vacation where we were not as insecure about everything, but didn't really finish the conversation with any sort of closure.

He keeps hinting at stuff... like, he wants to move back after December, sometimes tries to look for jobs on his computer that are in my area, he even sometimes makes jokes about our babies names and so on. He is not seeing anybody else, we have been exclusive since our first date, and we genuinely care for each other, which is pretty clear by now.

I want to be with him longterm but I have no idea if this is what he wants to. I am scared to talk about it with him because of what he might say. Do you think he is interested in this too but too shy to bring it up? Or maybe scared himself? 2 months dating and 6 months long distance sounds like a hell of an investment.

Then again, we both are feeling stronger for each other with every date we go on... I mean, we've lost count on the dates, we are spending so much time together, and it's impossible to not think about the future at this point - he's investing a lot and so am I. Why? For a summer fling? I just couldn't imagine;..

Any advice?


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  • Enjoy the time you have spent with him and what time "may" be left. Unless you have a sit down "frank" talk with him you will never know what his true plans are. If he is intent to move than you need to take care of yourself and be prepared for it and start looking around.


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  • I don't think this has a future. You two have only known each other for six weeks; that's nothing. You don't really know each other after less than two months. If you had been dating for 6-12 months before he left AND he had a definite plan for coming back, that might be a different story. This "maybe comes back" nonsense doesn't sound promising.

    In my experience, long-distance relationships don't last. A few do, but most don't. I know this isn't what you want to hear; I wish I had a more optimistic answer for you.


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  • I can't give you any advice other than,talk to HIM about it.If you guys are getting that close,why avoid the inevitable?He is probably as concerned as you are so someone has to man up so to speak and address the elephant in the room.