Poll Time: Which gender is more shallow when it comes to dating?

Yeah, I'm ready for that 1-star rating so I'll make a chart on both sides to see who thinks what. This is an opinion based poll so don't try to force your opinion on other people thank you and enjoy.

Women -

To date a woman you have to pass certain checklists

-You must be a certain physical attraction level

-You must have a certain intelligence level

-You must have a pleasant personality ( true for dating, not one night stands or flings )

-You must have a certain degree of ambition ( code word for car, money, house, pension, etc. )

-Women are the pursued and thus have the option of choice in rejection over 90% of the time

E.G Women need a decent to good looking man, who is independent and well put together to be date-able


To date a man you have to pass certain checklists

-Physical Attraction is the SINGLE greatest determining factor initially, and can be the SOLE reason for choice

-Intelligence doesn't really matter

-Pleasant personality is preferred

-Men don't care about what a woman does for her career

-Men must risk ego to pursue women and will be rejected often

E.G Hot girl is more important. Cute girl + good personality may be a better option long term.

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i can't stand liars or hypocrites. if you a good argument for what you pick please do.

But don't make it easy for me to logically turn it around and point out obvious flaws in think.

I won't cite fallacies on you. That's a pretentious thing to do. I'll type like I talk.
my bad. bad grammar
Extra note:

IF YOU ARE A GUY and you're below 5'6" good luck dating.

Common point that MOST women will only date guys taller than them, and a majority have a height requirement...i rarely and I mean like 5% see a couple where the guy is shorter than the girl so don't give me the exception rule


Men have a weight requirement...but actually I know lots of fat girls with boyfriends


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  • How is it shallow to want intelligence and a good personality in man? That's the exact opposite. Being shallow means only caring about looks and money. You yourself admitted that men care less about personality and intelligence than women, making men more shallow. Women might be more picky, but that doesn't equal shallow. So don't try to twist this in your favor and look at the numbers.

    • If I refused to date a girl because she's a stupid dumb blond bimbo that's not shallow?

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    • ignore this guy. he's just mad because I called him out for supporting slavery

    • That's not shallow, but women usually don't want JUST intelligence and a good personality :\ don't get me wrong, men aren't much better on average either lol. But men are usually only about one stupid thing and women want everything.

  • I'm going to weigh in with the option you didn't include- that dating is equally hard for both men and women. Or equally easy- however you prefer to look at it. Further, I think dating is as hard or easy as the individual chooses to make it. My experience has shown me that I can have a laundry list a mile long for what I want in a partner and what I don't, and all that sh*t goes out the window when I meet a man with whom I have good chemistry. He might not have a car. he might live with his mother. He might wear nothing but Armani. He might spend more money on his haircuts than I do. None of those things particularly appeal to me on paper, but I have dated different men who had these traits, and when taken with the whole of them those less-than-desireable-on-paper traits just didn't matter. I dated them anyway. So... yeah. List making is a waste of time, I think. I like different people for different reasons, sometimes in spite of myself. I think part of what makes life livable is the capacity to adapt to all kinds of sh*t, all the time. As far as dating goes, for myself I have a list of stuff that I definitely DO NOT want. FOr instance, I do not ever want to date a man who has ever been convicted of a sex crime. I do not want to date a man who doesn't like animals- because I like them a whole bunch so that wouldn't work. There are a few more, but you see what I'm getting at. I have standards but they are loosely defined for the most part. I only do absolutes in the negative- what I DO NOT want- and there are only a few of those.

    I wrote more than I meant to, sorry. But now it's done and I'm not deleting it.

    • There's a difference between preference, standards and deal breakers.

      A pedophile is a deal breaker NOT a standard.

      I understand what you're saying and spontaneous things like that can happen and is more often when you're young. nothing abnormal about that though people could just say you're settling.

      My advice is, do whatever you want.

      But I was asking an opinion, not an exception. Anyone can give me an example as an exception.

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    • This is best answer.

    • yeah this is probably getting best answer but I don't pick BA till after 2 weeks.

      Sorry brah. people attack me alot. I've just been defensive. didn't mean to take it out on you, I just took it the wrong way

  • A gender isn't shallow. Individual people are!

    I don't understand why so many people can't see that!

    All of your "proof" is generalisations too!

    • its dark outside, a man is walking on your side of the street with a hoodie up and you can't see his face.

      You would generalize he might be of some danger. Oh wait you don't generalize at all?

      No you think, its okay if I'm in a bad neighborhood, he's an individual. Why is everyone else walking on the opposite side of the street?

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    • i believe men are more shallow but whatever you can think whatever you want.

      I meant partial just so you know

  • Poll Time: Which gender is more shallow when it comes to dating?

    In my opinion guys considering:

    - most male advice for guys by guys is how to get a young(er) hot(ter) gal

    - most female advice for gals by either gender is how to get a guy and please him.

    - studies show gals are less visual than guys

    - gals seem to be more willing than guys to compromise on visual appearance

    - gals standards seem to be mostly about inner qualities while guys standards are about youth, beauty, and sexual acts

    - gals seem to be desire relationships far more than guys do while guys sole/main desire is busting a nut. I have seen way more gals settle for douche bags guys much older, way less attractive, and making much less than themselves while guys version of settling seem to be getting a 6-7/10 above average looking gal instead of a 8, 9, or 10.

    • Being shallow doesn't have to focus solely on looks.

      I've known girls who reject guys the moment they find out they're

      A. Dead End Job

      B. A Douchebag

      C. Stupid

      D. Boring

      Guys on the other hand care about the looks.

      The question is...Is a girl more shallow for having a checklist of things a guy must be, but not necessarily fulfill all terms OR is a guy more shallow for having just at the least one requirement for dating?

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    • General sense for humor then

      It's shallow for a girl to reject a guy because he is a douchbag because that is rejecting him solely on one condition. Being a douchbag does not make him a cheater, does not make him stupid, and does not make him a bad person.

      All a douchbag entails is a bad first impression. Same as judging a book by its cover.

      I've answered my question to you out of principle but now you're just trying to insult me.

      I'm sorry I don't do this alot. But I have block you.

    • Bit amusing that being a douche bag does not make him a bad person and all a douche bag entails is a bad first impression rather than personality which is the book & cover.

      There was no tried insults on my part.

      Likely you do this a lot if you block a person because they question your claim and ask you to support it then don't argue a counter claim they did not make.

      Bye keep blocking there won't be a return so have the last word.

  • To redefine your question, you are asking which gender is more shallow when they look for a partner. There are arguments for both but my take is that men are much shallower. (avoiding the extremities on either side of the spectrum). If a girl is pretty, it carries wayyyy more magnitude then if a guy is handome. even the rating system on attractiveness is easier to define for girls then guys. Women have less control over the situation and are more commonly referred to as objects then people (at least more then men). Women can sometimes be shallow but its not about looks, its usually more about confidence in the men. For example: animated movies. the attractive women all look the same but the guys can all look different and still be attractive.

    • Hmm I don't know if the objectification is prevalent as it was in the past, as I personally no longer see it. I do at bars

      Regarding the actually point of the question is to try to frame looks equally with personality factors, such as demeanor, intelligence, job, etc.

      I can understand your point but THIS works both ways with your logic.

      "If a girl is pretty, it carries wayyyy more magnitude then if a guy is handome."

      If a guy is rich or confident or funny, it carries wayyy... for example.

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    • pleasant means someone who is polite, doesn't swear, and doesn't create drama

      shallow is if I disqualify someone for one thing instead of several things. Think like shallow end vs deep end.

      That's why this poll is hilarious to me. Guys disqualify based on looks instantly. which makes them more shallow but all the girls are arguing with me.

      But the other guys tell me that if I don't even fit one bill on her list, then I'll get rejected. I don't know what to believe

    • I agree that guys are more shallow, but sometimes that "one" quality is too much to look over because it affects the whole caracter. The whole point of dating is to find a person with whom you enjoy spending time together in a romantic context. And compatibility is one of (if not) the most important factor. I think that every quality contributes to the whole and there are some factors I just can't overlook but that doesn't make me shallow.

  • I see you like to turn around people's arguments so that they fit every situation possible for both genders. I agree with a lot of what you're saying, but the way you're able to turn things around is just proof that it's impossible to say which gender is more shallow than the other. If one gender was "worse" than the other, then you wouldn't be able to so easily turn around each argument. What makes it even more impossible, is that men and women value different things. It's like trying to discuss whether tomatoes or bananas are better. It all comes down to taste, preference, individuality and personal experience, which is not solely based on gender.

    These "men vs women/women vs men" questions really give me a headache. Not everything is always solely based on gender, and trying to define certain traits by only looking at the gender aspect of it, is incredibly narrow-minded in my opinion. Interesting discussion, though.

    • turning around is easy. I just want a solid argument that can't be reversed. I agree with what most of the girls are saying, I just wish it was framed differently.

      I don't think this is narrow minded. Just black and white. Picking gray is okay. just don't vote

  • Men are far more shallow, but the only reason it appears as though women are, is because men settle for whatever is available at the moment, until the can get something better, IF anything better comes along... because for the most part, if they can get "sex" they will go for it. in contrast to women, most of us don't settle for sex, which is why it seems we are far more picky.. but in reality, men are. They just don't like to admit to it.

    • "anyone better comes along... because for the most part, if they can get "money" they will go for it. in contrast to men, most of us don't care about a girl's job:

      I reversed your argument. Understand that looks is not the determining factor for shallowness. Money is just as easily used or humor.

      Just so you know women play the field much worse. Women have guy friends who will at the the snap of the finger date them.

      They never admit to it

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    • Wot? :/

    • nah I'm just messing with you. My dad lived a double life like what you're talking about. He conned my mom out of all the money and took an extra mortgage, to live with his other family.

      That doesn't mean its common now though. It was more common when the economy was good.

  • I think its a balance, but everyone looks for different stuff on a same level. Some girls look for shallow stuff as some guys do too

    • i apologize to you. there is no third option to say it's balanced because I believe each gender has different aspects.

      Difference in opinions. I appreciate your answer tho

    • Thanks :)

  • Women

  • Women

  • Women

  • Women

  • Women

  • Neither

  • Men

  • women, tbh

  • Looks and sex-men

    Personality and security-women

    What I resent is men blaming biology for their shallow behavior but when women bring up hypergamy or their attraction to the alpha male, men want to start crying and calling her every name in the book.

    • i appreciate your honesty. I don't blame biology for the choices in my life.

      Most people lack accountability in their lives.

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    • Humans are too egotistical in nature. We aren't that different than other animals, we just have foresight which is an advantage.

      I already know how you'll frame your agriculture argument so I won't bother..blah blah agriculture determines food supply, excess determines status, excess determines house size..alpha determined.

      I've taken philosophy I understand agrarian society development.

      I still agree with Anony girl though. His logic is sound

    • Men are also called names for following their instincts. There is I would say a group of men who are 'better' then most other men or women at ignoring guilt-control- labels and doing whatever they want.

      The guys who complain about women's behavior are generally guys who have tried to control their behavior under some vague promise that nice girls would appreciate it.

  • overall it comes down to individuals, there are shallow men and there are shallow women,

    but if I had to pick one I would go with men, because women are more likely to compromise overall, we like attractive guys, but we are often won over by humour or displays of higher character. there are shallow women go after shallow things to, but as a gender we're at least open to the possibility of being deeper.

    meanwhile most men can't even comprehend the idea of not putting looks ahead of anything else, they act like it's a biological impossibility. It's not, and if it is, that means their shallowness is ingrained at a genetic level, so either way they lose.

    • i know you're lying. I know lots of fat girls who have boyfriends.

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    • like another girl said, whatever shallowness a girl possesses, she's held accountable for it. But guys are let off the hook in this department they act like it's out of their control, that's it's immutable.

    • i'd agree with you on that point alone because you assume it's based on control and there's only so much you control.

      But it is in your control to do what is best for you. Most people are just too willing to take the easy way out.

      So I personally can't accept that answer. I can understand why it's a widely accept excuse though

  • It isn't particular to either gender . . . some guys are more shallow than some women, and some women are more shallow than the guys. We are who we're raised to be, combined with our life experiences. If you were taught to be kind assertive and friendly, then you most likely will be. Just like some women will be pickier about who they choose, some guy will be pickier than her. I don't know how you can say intelligence doesn't matter for the woman. Would you rather have a beautiful girl who is dumber than a box of rocks, or a decent looking woman whom you know will be able to help you problem solve and make big decisions in the relationship? I don't really think that's much of a question :)

    • Why would I pick the girl I'm not attracted to? For me, decent looking means settling for what's easiest, not what I should strive to achieve.

      It goes both ways for men and women.

      Women will say oh he's a really nice and sweet caring guy, I'm just not physically attracted to him.

      Men are more blunt and just say I'm not interested.

      I don't disqualify people because they're dumb, I disqualify someone if I don't like them in general.

    • I never suggested picking someone you weren't attractive too. I was suggesting that intelligence might actually be of importance. And I brought it up because in your list you said intelligence doesn't matter for woman. I'm a good looking girl, but I don't think I'd be engaged if I was a flat out idiot. He would've been entertained for awhile and then moved on. Yes, girls and guys will dismiss someone if they are not physically attracted to them, I agree. I

    • i apologize. I said intelligence doesn't really matter, as in its a factor to the decision but not the deciding part.

      Intelligence is a part of personality. Some men would prefer an Einstein girl over a Pleasant girl and vice versa. My point was too vague.

      However, intelligence is measured by what a person can cognitively do. If a girl didn't know thermodynamics I wouldn't care. If she didn't know how the president was, then I'd care.

      Again I apologize

What Guys Said 18

  • Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Seemingly irrelevant at first, but looking at it, both questions have similar structure. Its difficult to know who's more shallow, men or women, mainly because there is too much individualism involved. Generally, women argue the fact that men are more shallow, because of the criteria many men set regarding women and men will argue the same in regard to women when in reality, individuals of both genders are only expressing desires and needs.

    Men are physically stimulated by nature and place a high value on appearance. Men, through the ages, have been characterized as stronger physically and has assumed the role as the provider and protector, not only of themselves, but of their family. While the demographics of the role has changed over the centuries, men still are looked upon to provide for their family which, unless their rich, means they must take up some form of employment. This was very important in earlier times when the economy was more stable and men were able to solely provide for their families as the lone bread winner. Times have again changed where now two or more incomes is often needed to provide adequate support for the family, which has thrust more women into the job market. Still yet, many men still prioritize a woman looks over everything else.

    You speak of intelligence isn't a priority when in actuality, many men require a certain degree of intelligence, even if its only to hold casual conversation. Perhaps, for the sugar daddy or the wealthy family man, its of lesser importance, but for the working man, it has more emphasis, especially since in today's economy the woman may be asked, if not required, to seek and maintain employment as well. Granted they may not place as much emphasis on it that women do, but its still a desired trait.

    Women, over the centuries, were groomed to be the nurturers. While they too require a certain degree of attraction to their mate, they tend not to be as rigid as men. Being the nurturer, women emphasize and desire a certain level of security from their mate to insure that they (and their children) will be provided for. Even today, with more women holding independent careers, many don't place as much emphasis on this as they did 50 years ago. Many are career driven and self sufficient in their own right, so the degree of rigidness of upholding these standards is individual. Some women maintain rigidity, others are more flexible and adaptive.

    I couldn't speak on all your points, as space is limited, however, based on what I did touch upon, you can see that each individual man and woman will have a different level of importance on certain traits they deem favorable in a mate and will have varying points of flexibility. It's quite easy for one side to point fingers at the other because they look at the issue from the standpoint that benefits them the most when in reality each individual has things that best appeals to them when seeking their mate

    • Answer to your first question is Egg.

      It's always been about security vs looks, I understand what you're saying

      But security entails many factors while looks is singular.

      The question at essentially boils down to which gender is more shallow, the one with many smaller requirement or the one with one larger requirement?

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    • Lol that's easy. Chicken had an ancestor. Ancestor has an egg with enough genetic differences which defines it to be a chicken. Therefore, the egg that was laid was not from a chicken, but the egg is a chicken, just not formed yet.

      Subjection is different for everyone. I was asking for an opinion, doesn't matter if its generalized or not to me. Pretty black and white. Picking the gray option is acceptable, just don't vote

    • Haha...well honestly speaking, I wasn't really expecting an answer on the chicken or egg question as it was more rhetorical than seeking an answer. Definitely +1 and BA to you. Actually I didn't vote but still felt a need to give input. Guess you never thought your own question would net you a BA ha? lol Kudos for the chicken vs egg analysis.

  • i don't know its tough to say , questions like this have been asked before , a lot of women can be very tough to date some do have high standards in terms of the type of guys they'd date , I don't know if that makes them shallow or there just difficult to get dates with . I wouldn't say there was anything shallow about wanting to date an attrative guy with a good job over one who didn't have those things . it would only be shallow if the guy she rejected had other things like a good personality and such and lets say she still rejected him only cause he didn't have a 6 figure paying job

    • i'm generalizing on purpose to appeal to the most common scenario. there are always exceptions. I just wanted to point out that for a girl, a lot of other factors matter which can be just as shallow as looks alone.

      i've known girls who've rejected guys the moment they find out he's a d*** or unemployed. which is equally as shallow for disqualifing based on looks solely

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    • thats a basis of my argument.

      Men would be willing to date a girl if she had no job as long as she's cute.

      Not the other way around.

      Disqualifying someone based on money is just as shallow as doing so based on looks.

    • Exactly. Hypocritical...

      We can accept women when they're jobless - so why can't they accept a guy when he's unemployed ?

  • I accidently hit B, but I meant A, so I apologize if I f***ed up your percentage

  • let's be real, most women care only if the guy can afford a hot car and can spend money on them. Everything else is an afterthought.

    The US modern women are all time champions of shallow. They are the human equivalent of the Platte River. You know, too thin to plow, too thick to drink...

    • It might be an American thing.

      I've met other girls from other countries and they're much nicer and genuine.

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    • haha at oppaoppa why the hell would a woman need to go to school to learn how to make a sammich?

    • I wish you guys wuld take this nonsense discussion about the military, the third world, etc., off my answer and on to your own answers!

  • I think you should have used the word "picky" instead of "shallow." Shallow refers to superficial things...mainly looks, which men are clearly more concerned about, being more visual than women.

  • i would say both are equally "shallow" . if you take two random people of the opposite sex that are biologically and mentally healthy they are both subconsciously looking for traits that they view as best for their genetic survival from an evolutionary perspective , women are looking for agression strength competence , just the right amount of social conditioning that their mate can coexist in a tribal/societal structure , but not too much that they lack the will to rise above it and preserve a better situation for the mating partners collectively

    Men are look at physical indicators that say to them that this is an ideal vessel for me to harbor my seed in , waist to hip ratio, boobs, blah bah blah whatever varies among individuals, having nurturing characteristics , a malleable enough personality to recognize the needs of others while still being able to maintain what is best for them as a woman

    and these desired traits we look for in each other today more than ever are way more abstract than they appear to be or were in caveman days, to most women for example, I can't speak for them but I would say traits like strength most of the time isn't translated as looking for someone with big steroid muscles, not saying that hurts either

    If I were to give a more pragmatic answer I guess I like this Ryan Gosling line in the move Blue Valentine where he says he thinks that men are more romantic than women because men find this one girl, and they think this is the girl I need to spend the rest of my life with I would be crazy not to be with this girl, but most girls get to this place where they pick the best option for them, they spend their life looking for prince charming and then they pick the guy that was the best option, the guy with the good job that was safe that would be around

    ps for the women that say men "settle" for sex, they aren't settling for sex, for most of them they biologically need sex , if they go without it for an extended period of time they get pent up aggression and can't focus on anything and start going crazy . they feel like they need sex to be productive members of society, to be the guy that women want them to be

    • The saying " the one that got away" is much more common with men.

      I get what you're saying.

    • I agree, I would say a lot of men will always have the one that got away because the one that got away married the dentist that drives a buick or some lame guy like that

  • How do you define shallow? I wouldn't class wanting a partner to have ambition, intelligence and a good personality as shallow, and I'm not sure it's shallow to only date people you find physically attractive either. I would hate to think I'm a shallow person, and certainly don't think looks are the most factor, but if I'm not attracted to a girl I'm not going to date her regardless of how lovely she is (friend-zoning can work both ways). That doesn't mean I've got a checklist of must-have physical requirements, or even a fixed "type", just got to think she's cute.

    But if your overall argument is that men are more worried about looks, you might well be right. Men are, in general, more visually-orientated, hasn't that been proved a biological fact?

    • If I was shallow, I would disqualify a person based on one item.

      For example. if a girl is pleasant, smart, cute and shorter than me.

      IF I was shallow, and she wasn't smart, and I disqualify her for that, then I'm shallow

      She could be pleasant cute and shorter than me but I still don't care, I'd reject her, that's shallow.

      Men are more visually oriented initially but after a girl turns 25 and has had kids, looks go out the window. Then why does he stay?

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    • nothing wrong with being shallow. I'm shallow what's the problem?

      I wouldn't date a girl, that couldn't get me up you know what I'm saying.

    • "I meant originally, once he's fallen in love with a girl looks become far less important."

      Girls lose their looks after 25, and has had kids

  • I am so amused at the poll results lol.

    Both can be really shallow at times, but I'd say women are more shallow when it comes to dating and so. Why? Well for most of their life, especially younger, guys are the ones who have to bend over backwards and do things to attract the girl and initiate the relationship. And then during the relationship, at least the beginnings, guys still have to go outta their way to keep their attraction. Women are spoiled. hell, even before dating, their parents are more likely to treat a girl in a spoiled way than a boy (granted, parents will still spoil a boy too if they have the means, but a girl is likely to be spoiled far more frequently). It's just a lot of bullsh*t this society has created in regards to women.

    It's no reason women think they deserve more and more without having to work for it. Like, oh, the pay difference? The fact they don't work the same amount of hours or take more vacation time or work in less hazardous (thus higher paying) jobs (but they are also more recession proof, the jobs women tend to take), or, the biggest factor imo, the fact women don't negotiate for a higher pay nearly as aggressively or as much as men? Ya, it's clear women expect things to be handed to them more than men. They expect the world to give into their demands because most of their life their boyfriends, friends, and family have been spoiling them. It's annoying.

    Realize this isn't universal or to say women don't still do a good job or work for things, but they are handed things more frequently on average. And, in general, many women take such things for granted and think that's how the world works. Parenting needs to be assessed as a whole -_- cause parenting (as well as other authority figures) also has created a lot of bad aspects of men too (like the sh*tty rape culture that is indeed a real thing in the US and a problem, rapists deserve such stricter punishments and should be attacked, not the victim).

  • I'm a man, and I think men are more shallow. I'm sorry, but I've lost count on the number of times the guy friends I've hung out with confessing to cheating on their girlfriends and WIVES. It all comes out when they get drunk and start spouting shallow nonsense.

    I as a man, would feel disgusted.

    • Girls cheat differently, you just don't understand how they do it. They are just not as blunt about it.

      Girls have guy friends. Many guy friends who want to bang them. When she decides to have second thoughts she'll start getting closer to them, and jump ship to them. If you prove redeeming enough, she'll stick with you but she already cheated.

  • They are equally shallow.

  • I used to think it was about equal until I realized what a big deal a guy's height is to women. Then I learned about hypergamy and Briffault's Law. So I vote A.

  • All factors weighed out (not just looks), women are very slightly more shallow on average.

  • Both are shallow

  • It must be the guys since they always go for looks.

  • most men are shallow and say they are shallow

    most women are shallow but keep pretending they are not

  • I think the balance tips towards men. Men are more likely to only pursue the shallow things, only wanting to sleep with a girl. Both genders can be shallow, just like both genders can be not shallow. It depends on morals, values, upbringing, etc.

  • Women BY FAR!

    To date a woman:

    -Must be driven (Future career, money, house, financial stability)

    -If you can't stimulate their reward centers, you can forget about it (Humor, ability to get sexual)

    -Must have high status

    -Must have great social skills/intuition

    -Must know how to flirt/tease

    -If other women don't find you attractive SHE won't find you attractive

    -Can't have a small d***

    -Must be able to keep her happy 24/7 or she'll leave your ass

    Not to mention women are courted and women sit back and enjoy the ride. They complain about never having guys approach them... False. They approach them, just not the guys they want.

    To date a man:

    -You can't be fat

    -The hotter you are, the easier it is

    -Makeup can go a long way to make you look good...Even if you're ugly

    -The older you get the less options you have

    Basically, guys have to hone a SHIT load of skills. Do a sh*t load of work. Girls just have to look cute and go about their day and the cavemen will come Marching in.

    • Im getting confused by what people are telling me now.

      A girl doesn't have to do anything but a guy has to put effort is the general consensus I'm getting

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    • LOL you are so right. I keep forgetting makeup and those fake boob inserts or boob jobs

    • Right. It's a very easy out for women. For men, we have to overcome many obstacles. Developing character, personality, and a solid life is very difficult to do.