Poll Time: Which gender is more shallow when it comes to dating?

Yeah, I'm ready for that 1-star rating so I'll make a chart on both sides to see who thinks what. This is an opinion based poll so don't try to force your opinion on other people thank you and enjoy.

Women -

To date a woman you have to pass certain checklists

-You must be a certain physical attraction level

-You must have a certain intelligence level

-You must have a pleasant personality ( true for dating, not one night stands or flings )

-You must have a certain degree of ambition ( code word for car, money, house, pension, etc. )

-Women are the pursued and thus have the option of choice in rejection over 90% of the time

E.G Women need a decent to good looking man, who is independent and well put together to be date-able


To date a man you have to pass certain checklists

-Physical Attraction is the SINGLE greatest determining factor initially, and can be the SOLE reason for choice

-Intelligence doesn't really matter

-Pleasant personality is preferred

-Men don't care about what a woman does for her career

-Men must risk ego to pursue women and will be rejected often

E.G Hot girl is more important. Cute girl + good personality may be a better option long term.

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+1 y
i can't stand liars or hypocrites. if you a good argument for what you pick please do.

But don't make it easy for me to logically turn it around and point out obvious flaws in think.

I won't cite fallacies on you. That's a pretentious thing to do. I'll type like I talk.
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my bad. bad grammar
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Extra note:

IF YOU ARE A GUY and you're below 5'6" good luck dating.

Common point that MOST women will only date guys taller than them, and a majority have a height requirement...i rarely and I mean like 5% see a couple where the guy is shorter than the girl so don't give me the exception rule


Men have a weight requirement...but actually I know lots of fat girls with boyfriends
Poll Time: Which gender is more shallow when it comes to dating?
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