Is it ok to keep dating her?

Alright so here is the deal...I met my girl about 2 months ago...

She is 15 and I am 17. She will turn 16 a month before I turn 18(her birthday is in August, mine is in September) So is it ok for me to keep dating her once I hit 18?

I live in California by the as far as I know there isn't a law that forbids it (besides no sexual relations obviously)


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  • as long as you know that you have feelings for her and that she feels the same about you go ahead nothings worng with that about the sex part don't rush it take your time because once you did it there's no turning back...


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  • as long as her parents know you are out together you are fine. so if a cop pulls you over driving if they think you two have been having sexual relations you say her parents know she's out. It's all about CONSENSUAL relations.

  • i don't think it is a problem dating her as long as her parents are okay with it...but I don't think its okay to have sex with her I know for a fact there is a law against sexual acts with anyone underage.


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