Why do girls get bored so easy, with there dates? What is it that they want to do?

Once again, I'm just trying to better understand

my gender and seeing as that I just saw a question

from a girl who wants to break up with her boyfriend,

because they never do anything. I have to ask, what

is it that girls want to do when dating a guy?

Do they want to go, Parasailing? Rock Climbing? Zip

lining? Sky diving? Scuba diving? Skiing? Hang gliding?

Bungee jumping?

Do you want go to, Seaworld? Disneyland? Six Flags Great

America? Chuck E Cheese?

Like I don't get what girls want to (or expect to) do when

they're on a date or with there boyfriend, I'm just perplexed!

It just seems like girls get fairly bored, fairly easily and

want to do something like the things I mentioned above.

I guess it's due to how I was raised and watching my

parents relationship, but I'm a simple girl who would just

want to spend quality time with the person I'm seeing.

To me, it's not where you go or how much money you

spend. It's about the person your with and enjoying

each others company, being happy to be together

and not taking a second of your time together for granted!

Anyhoo, why do girls seem to get bored so easy?

And, what is it that they want to do? Help me figure

this out, thankies : )


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  • I don't know about this. I can't speak on behalf of girls but I rather doubt that they are more easily bored for lack of activities than guys. I haven't read the questions you mention so I can't speak to them. The stereotype seems to be that girls complain that their boyfriends come over and just want to hang out. Is that what you mean? Even in those cases, the guys do all sorts of activities but they do them with their friends rather than their girlfriends. The latter might feel less appreciated because of this. I doubt that it comes down to boredom.

    • Yeah, that's what I mean. What's wrong with hanging out, I don't get it? Also, thanks for answering my question, you're the only one that did.

    • I don't have problems with hanging out. I prefer that to activities personally. My point was that if girls are upset that their boyfriends only do activities with their friends, then maybe they are upset for reasons other than boredom. Although that could be part of it. And, you're welcome!

    • Okay, that makesense. : )

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