Would this scare a guy off?

Hey :) I'm pretty terrible at the initial first bits of texting/dating game!

Basically met someone and only had 2 dates but there's instant chemistry :)

and were chatting texting as you do, he's asking to meet up and I want to but, I was admitted to hospital on Friday (it's Sunday) and I'm going to be for a minimum of a week, maybe longer, I cringe at when I lie but don't want to come across as heavy or looking for sympathy, shall I just say I'm busy this week pretend I'm at work as normal and busy with other stuff or just tell the truth, was thinking something like that could scare a guy off?

I might be being dumb here hah! Maybe I should tell the truth but keep it brief?

Thanks in advance for any advice you may have, brains in overload ATM so my decision skills are out of whack haha!


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  • What is wrong? Is it something chronic that will make you sick for a long time, or just something temporary? WE kind of have to know to give you a worthwhile answer.

    Guys would be scared off if you have something that will require repeated stays in a hospital..but it's a one-time hospital visit, and the prognosis is OK, no guy will be too worried about it.

    • Thank you for you answer.

      Hm okay - Yeah ill have it for life, inflammatory disease that runs in the family - that'll be manageable after this hospital stint ill just have to have a bit of a lifestyle change.

      Is that too heavy? At this stage I figure I don't have to go into too much detail?

      I figure from his communication patterns we will probs talk every other day this week so I figure with the whole "been up to much today" that's quite a few lies! Thoughts? :)

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    • That is very wise, thank you, not something I can hide easily in the long run!

    • Good luck, hopehe turns out to be a good guy. Plus, you'll feel right about yourself for doing the right thing.

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