I need advise on my ex

My girlfriend and I dated for 5 years, after which we had a break up. There was no contact for a couple of months and a year after the break up she started dating this guy. She came to my birthday and we were intimate, she is still dating this guy. She tells me regularly how much she loves me and misses me and how much she wants to hang out, yet she will not break up with her current boy friend. A couple of weeks ago she also told me she didn't see me in her life in the future. Keeping this is mind I told her to stop contacting me, yet she doesn't listen. She still contacts me every day. What does this mean?


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  • it means she is a cheater and I bet if the boyfriend found out ,he would dump her ass,U should not deal w her.

    • Thats exactly what I told her, she told me that I was worth it

    • u are worth being dumped over but not for her to break up with him? she's a piece of work

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  • She likes many things about you, but the other guy has something you don't. Money would be my girst guess, although it could be a lot of other things. Maybe she thinks you will not commit to anything permanent, and the other guy will. There are many possibilities..just ask her if you really want to know.

    She seems like she is being honest with you, for what that's worth.

    They only reason she still contacts you is that she hopes you will change whatever it is that she can't accept..but she doesn't expect that to happen.

    • I agree with your advise, but here's the deal. There are things which I had expected to change in her as well, but that never happened. In the span of our break-up I changed a lot of my act, calmed down in life, she brings it up her self by praising me on how much I have changed since we last met. She tells me that she can't let go of me or the other guy as we both are awesome. As far as all the so called awesomeness is concerned the only difference is that her current guy doesn't "argue" as...

  • Lol she's cheating on her current boyfriend , I would distant yourself with her, I wouldn't trust her if my life depended on it. Make it clear you don't want to contact her and don't reply to her she will get the idea. For gods sake don't string her along.

    • The more I distant my self from her the more the more she is attracted towards me

    • I'm sure your not into sloppy seconds? Unless that's your thing? I wouldn't want to be second best, either commit or don't the choice is hers