Getting over an abusive relationship, advice please? ;( He was so mean!?

Hi, I have been in a emotionally, verbally, physically and mentally abusive relationship. He was also a control freak. I went out with him for one year and 2 months. He is 20 and I'm 19. He was so evil. He said If I looked in the mirror it would crack, he said he hoped I died and then laughed and that if someone was with me they would kill themselves. He bust my lip constantly, kicked me, pushed me, shoved me and punched my lip during sex. He was basically evil. He had a go if I went shopping, accused me of cheating constantly. Always shouted and swore at me. He also pressured me into sending naked photos which is even worse. He was my first love and my first boyfriend.

I dumped him because he ignored my text messages and plus all this abuse. I started to feel as though I couldn't take anymore of it. He started texting me saying 'U up?' at like early hours in a morning, probz looking for a booty call. He said 'Hi' to me when I walked past him. He texted me loads of crap saying 'I messaged his sister on Facebook' when I didn't. He also texted me saying 'Don't be hideous and be happy' To make matters worse, he texted me saying 'He never loved or cared for me'

I told him to never text me again. I called him so mean its unbelievable and heartless.

Hopefully, now he will stop texting me. Will this weirdo try reappear back in my life? because I can't handle even speaking to him, never mind being friends.

Any advice on how to get over him? I'm finding it so hard. Its like he's trying to abuse me even when we're not together anymore. We have been split up for a month. Will he leave me alone? Or do I need to change my number? Why is he trying to hurt me even though we're not together?


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  • you just need to avoid him .. and try to meet new people .. not just guys meet new girls and try to be friends with them .. but if he is evil why did you stay with him that long ?

    • Its just difficult :( I stayed with him so long because he said he was sorry and that he wasn't horrible, then that only lasted a few weeks and he went back to being mean. He was my first boyfriend aswel and I lost my virginity to him. I just really loved him :( But ino what you mean, I just need to try my best for forget about him :) At one point, he even joked about pushing me down a flight of stairs, saying "your falling" oh now your not "now you are again" and like pretending to push me.

    • well just try to move on .. and forget about this horrible experience !

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  • That's really serious! I'd take every precaution possible if I were you. Yes, change your number. Block his Facebook. Do everything you can to get away from this guy.