Calling this girl I like

I need some tips here.

Met this girl and she ended up asking me for my number and then gave me a missed call so I would get her number too.

We've been chatting via text for a bit in the last few days. So I decided I wanted to talk to her on the phone. I found our texts were so long and it just seems like it would be easier to talk on the phone.

She's been upset with her day and I guess is kinda down lately. So I thought I'd call her or get her to talk on the phone to cheer her up.

I told her later that night as we were texting that I would call her tomorrow evening. She was tired and I thought I'd let her sleep. Now tomorrow came and called her around the time I usually text her.

She didn't pick-up and eventually it went to voice mail and I did not leave a message. I'm assuming it will show a missed call from me.

So the question is do I just leave it now? I mean just move on unless she calls or contacts me? It's frustrating, because when I've asked to call her in the past she said she was busy or was tired from work. And I do know she is a legitly very busy person working and with school at the same time.

I hate to say it, but it seems a but rude to not contact me back. I mean especially when I said I would call in the evening the next day and she acknowledges it and says " alright, ttyl". But hey it is what it is.. I get she might be busy. Normally she gets back to me within a day if she doesn't reply to my text right away. But this was a phone call... so yeah.

Maybe someone can pass on some expertise?


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  • Give it a couple days. No response? Leave a text to see what's up. If still no response, move on.

    The idea is that you've already did your part, so essentially, it would be her turn to follow-up. But hey, life is crazy and sh*t happens, so that's why you try to re-establish contact after giving her enough time and space as you deem necessary. But if you get ignored again, that's your cue to bail out.


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  • Maybe her phone never rang? There were times I got voice messages but no missed call. I only knew that someone has called because they have left messages. Maybe try again on a day when she's less busy and leave a message? If she didn't call you back or give you any reasons, maybe it's time to move on.


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  • You're just quite over analyzing things. Not everyone's time is so open that they can accomodote you anytime you want.

    • How am I asking someone to accommodate time? I actually LET her know of a time. it's not like I randomly called.. I did say I would call tmrw evening. I mean the least someone can do is say "sorry I missed your call was busy with X thing".

      Normally she does get back to me and says why if she couldn't.

      I'm NOT asking her to change her whole world for me or something. Heck there are times when we text and I say I'm going to call and she says she is busy with stuff.

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