Why a guy does not want to meet you after a long time of texting?

I've met this guy while doing a course on music for a few weeks. We started talking steadily over the weeks, but on the first day he said I was really nice. The last few weeks went very well as he asked my friend for my number when I was not there and we were always messing around. The last day I asked for his number and he gave it to me. We started texting, he always wanted to talk to me on the phone but I refused, becouse I wasn't the most confident person. Finally I decided to talk on the phone. He kept calling me again I rarely answered my phone, and sometimes I called him back. He said t hen that he likes me and it all deoends on me whether or not we date, he thinks that I am perfect and good crack. We agreed to meet in tobut once I cought him walking straight to his car.

When I think anout it he does not even know my surname nor did he add me on Facebook. I kind of ran out of the things text him biut we were still texting every day. I've always started the conversation, but when he wanted to shift I said no. He asked to meet me to go for a swim and I was glad he did. We agreed to go somwhere private. He tricked me into telling him that I like him which I always denied before when he asked.but it was clear to him I guess anyways. He said that he liked me too. So the next day I was waiting for him beside the lake for half an hour. Then I texted him 'r you coming?' after1 hour he texed back that he can't today. I got really pissed off and never texted him back.

Should I text him something? Well the last text was his so it seems like I didn't text back and he rarely texted two messages in a row. Please help, we Haven't texted anything to each other after this last text and it has been 3 days now


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  • It seems that you need to text him something.

    • Thanks I just did actually :) and thanks for reading that load full of crap.. Do you have any idea what is the best thing to text him in this situation?

  • first scenario: he died by the time he finished reading your texts (because they are so long).

    2nd: you told him you were under 18.

    Note: I am not really a Glass half full kind of guy.

    • Haha thanks. You actualy make my day. Good tips... But he's 17 himself so I guess he's dead noww..

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