Cutting me off. Why?

Two months ago I Started to talk to someone on Facebook, we went to the same high school a few years ago. We message and talk everyday, the only problem was that we were 150 miles apart. She live back in my hometown home while I move to San Diego for school. It was really hard for me to see her because of my crappy schedule. I work and had school. She was busy as well; she had a full time job and I forgot to mentioned that she was a mother. She had a 5 year old boy. So she couldn't leave her kid behind just to go see me and I did understand her situation. Anyways the day I came back home was for my 21st birthday, we were supposed to see each other on the day of my birthday. She didn't answer my calls or text, none, she didn't replied back on Facebook neither. I was shock, I didn't know what to do. Well she did text me back a week after my birthday. She told me that she had no words to say how sorry she was. That our relationship wasn't going to workout because I was far apart and that she did not know if I was going to cheat on her. In the end we just stayed friends. Its been a month later and I gave her the news that I was going to be returning home, she didn't sound too happy the only words she said were "oh that's cool," so two days ago I found out she has a boyfriend :0. Ah why do girls to that? Why? Did I see it coming? Guys have feelings too.


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  • I'm sorry that happened. She didn't see you guys "talking" as serious. You couldn't provide for her the way this new guy can. She didn't think about your feelings. She had a choice and she took the option of a concrete relationship


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  • Some girls are just like that.