Why do so many things come down to misogyny?

I know it's odd I start my discussions with images. It's usually more related to comments.

But I saw this image: link

And I commented:

"How I've experienced it, a man should not look or dress feminine because the male figure is perceived as ugly and awkward, same as male emotions...Not everything boils down to hatred of women."

Here's an example of what else I've been told:

-When a man rapes another man, it's misogyny. Because by being the rape victim, the man is in the role of a woman. And by raping this symbolic woman, the rapist demonstrates his hatred of women.

-Men date nice girls because they seek dominion over others and only accept female submission. By dating a nice girl, he ensures he can manipulate her.

So why are so many things, including things that don't involve women, twisted and manipulated into the hatred of women? And in what way does this even help women?


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  • Because a lot of women are obsessed with trying to inventory the actions of men and giving them misandrynistic labels. I prefer "nice girls" because .. you guessed it.. they're nice. And if anything I prefer to be the submissive one in the relationship. I disagree with the picture because I don't think that being a girl is degrading, but I do think that pretending to be someone you physically aren't is a degrading state to be in.

    I'd also like to point out the fact that I've never seen a guy use the word "misandrynistic" before, but it's funny to see how often the word misogynist is used.

    • Probably because "misandrynistic" isn't a word. I hear some guys talk of misandry and misandric behaviors. Though it's usually denied as minuscule or unimportant.

      Like, I think misogyny is a big deal. I've joined groups and clubs on the topic. But it frustrates me to be told what I"M thinking and what MY motives are, and to have issues that are either mutual, or exclusive to men, to be treated as lesser issues of lower priority.

    • Right, yeah it's "misandrous" behavior (had to get the dictionary out for that one) :P I'd think that only misandrists think of the term as unimportant, which are usually the same people who complain about misogynists!

      Personally when I pick a date, I don't take into consideration how much I can abuse her and dominate her, do you? I think it all comes down to some people enjoying being victimized because it gives them a sense of power somehow.

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  • I'm sorry, I just realized your secondary question.

    When people are losing a conversation on a rational or logical basis, they resort to fallacy (specifically red herrings or appeal to emotion) in an effort to "STOP" the conversation.

    Example: You need to start being more financially responsible; how can you bring home only $650 each week and spend $1,250 each week? Response: "I DON'T FEEL LIKE TALKING ABOUT IT RIGHT NOW . . . I'M TIRED . . . I HAVE SO MUCH GOING ON RIGHT NOW . . . I'M EMOTIONALLY DRAINED . . ." (so far, these are "excuses") . . . "WHY ARE YOU BEING SO MEAN TO ME . . . THIS IS NOT HOW A LOVING HUSBAND TREATS HIS WIFE . . . SO, YOU WANT A DIVORCE? IS THAT WHAT YOU'RE TELLING ME? IF YOU'RE NOT HAPPY WITH ME, THEN JUST DIVORCE ME!" (that's the logical fallacy: appeal to emotion).

    It's not a bona fide attempt to prove the truth. In other words, the proposition is not inserted into the argument in order to support the advocate's conclusion. Instead, it's simply intended to act as a wrench thrown onto the critical gears of finely crafted clockwork. It's meant to derail the conversation, so that YOU never get the opportunity to loudly and clearly expose something the fallacy user feels deeply ashamed of, guilty of, afraid or, or insecure about.

    For example, specific to your "misogyny" example:

    Feminist talking point: "Stop blaming the victim; blame the criminal!"

    Counter-argument: "That's just a general vague truism. What is society blaming the victim for exactly? Is society currently not blaming the criminal? What exactly do you want society to do? Do you want them to enact laws that prohibit rape, you know, like RAPE LAWS?"

    F: "The victim cannot be assigned any blame for being the victim of a crime, all of that blame belongs with the criminal. Therefore, we should stop shaming women who are the victims of rape."

    C: "There's a gap in that reasoning. You are arguing that we cannot blame the victim for one thing, therefore we should not blame her for anything. Everyone agrees that the rapist is to blame for committing the crime of rape. Everyone agrees that the victim is not at fault for being the victim of a crime. But, reasonable people do take reasonable precautions to limit their risk of being a victim of any crime - including rape. Thus, to the extent a person is negligent and takes on an unreasonable degree of risk of being a victim of a crime, that person is an idiot, and society shames that person - not for being a victim, but for being stupid."

    F: "Why you misogynistic rape-supporter!"

    When a conversation reaches that point, you're no longer having a logical argument or debate, it's turned emotional. Responding would be like administering medicine to the dead and expecting a result other than "nothing" to happen.

  • I'm not sure this is "misogyny."

    This is not really the voice of strait men hating on strait women, on the basis of their sex.

    This is the voice of gay, bi, or trans community attacking the male vs. female "gender roles."

  • Retarded feminazis

  • They want to put the blame to women.

  • link

    what about that guy I think he looks like a cute girl with makeup on and long hair. He doesn't look ugly and awkward as a girl he looks really cute in my opinion.

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