Why is he being shy/nervous/ignoring me?

One of my best guy friends of mine acted a fine line between interested and friends (I mean, some people think what he's doing is "friendly" and some people think is interested), and he has remarked how really grateful he is for me. He also made known to everyone the importance of him and I meeting aloud in public. He also naturally gravitated to me a couple times towards the end of the school year. He has been hugging me a lot more, relatively. He matched his tie to my dress one time. He also has become very shy around me and was trying to impress me in front of another guy and gets very jealous around that other guy (it feels like). He is really grateful for little things I've done for him.

In the past, he did invite me to go somewhere and we usually hang out one on one, when we hang out, anyway.

Then out of the blue, he stopped contacting me, but he hasn't been talking to me as much (relatively) in awhile. I texted him once or twice, but no response. Finally, one night, I sent him a text, and he responded less than a minute later. He consequently also read all my messages that night.

My question is how come out of the blue, he starts ignoring me like he did, although he did text me back that one time? When I saw him today, he did ask me how something was, was a little shy around me, and then thanked me for being at the place he was ("thanks for coming"). When I suggested we should hang out soon or something, if he wanted, he said "absolutely" and then he said we would figure it out after he said he is very busy.

What's going on?


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  • Because he likes you.

    • And why would that be a reason not to communicate/not to talk to me?

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  • He probably has a new girlfriend and doesn't want you to know, just in case it doesn't work out with her, then he can come back to you.

    • He hasn't dated anyone in over two years.

    • Hum.. how do you know for a fact that he hasn't been dating? From my experience, the only time a guy gets cold with a girl is when there's another one in the picture.

    • He's told me.