Am I ugly? If I am, how can I improve how I look?

Hey, I'm Steve. So I never really had that many girls go after me or even give hints that they like me, and I'm starting to wondering if it's appearance that's putting them off. I've heard people back in high school say that I'm ugly before so I was wondering, maybe (hopefully not) they're right? Maybe I'm scaring them away or they just have no interest at all because of this?

I have a couple pics on photobucket, my name is boomersrs, ignore the weird Guitar Hero pics (apparently you have to be like level 9 or something to post direct links on this site >_>)

If I really don't look good, is there any good way to improve my appearance without doing anything drastic (eg. surgery) or spending tons of money?

Also, I posted a question about this before, but is it too late for me to start learning the rules of the dating game and dating girls? I'll be 20 in about 2 months.

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Update: Added pics to my profile. Sorry, didn't realize Photobucket required an account.


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  • We can't get in to photobucket without signing up for it. Why not put a pic out on your profile page somewhere- if you really want us to gauge your looks?

    Without ever seeing you though l can tell you one thing... DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT.

    I'm not shouting there- just trying to make a clear point. Girls really tend to look at guys a little differently than men do the other way around. There are plenty of hot looking women hanging with some pretty funny looking dudes.

    Sure... they often talk about "cute guys" and all that... and then you see who they are talking about and ½ the time the bozos look like they've been kicked in the head by a mule. You never know.

    Big tip: just be yourself... be super relaxed- and SMILE (smiles make every face more beautiful... if you don't have a creepy smile, that is). They soften and simply beautify even the plainest or homeliest of faces. A warm and genuine smile is a truly winning feature in ANYONE. It should be a smile in the eyes as well as the mouth.

    Have a sense of humor (try). There is one thing nearly ALL girls really like- and that's a guy who can make them laugh. It may just outrank any other single attractive feature that you have. Be cool... be clever... and you will have all sorts of girls suddenly showing interest.

    Look (and more importantly) FEEL confident. You are YOU. Always be proud of who you are. Never let anyone take that away from you! Chicks dig confident guys... l'm sure you've heard this already. It's true. Just be yourself. Like yourself and who you are. Relax.

    Here's a very good thing to remember- if you ever feel nervous. Girls- even the most incredible stunning beauties among them- are JUST PEOPLE... just like you. They are not some sort of untouchable mythological beings. They are "just people" and they too have their doubts and insecurities.

    Relax... be real... be yourself... be fun and HAVE FUN!

    Seriously... go out there and knock 'em dead, buddy!

    • Hey- this (below) from a pretty damned cute girl on site- to another question... but it seemed to apply here all the way..:

      If you do ANYTHING in a joking manner and basically use your humour on a girl then you're good to go :) Seriously. All guys need is humour to win girls over! I know guys who are really geeky and dorky, not seen as "attractive" according to society's terms, but are the funniest guys EVER and I've actually been attracted to some of them :) Guys, take note: Just be FUNNY.

    • I feel like being funny is easier said than done though. It's too difficult for me to find a sense of humor that everyone can enjoy. Also, I didn't learn all the social skills I needed to know in high school, so I'm behind in that area as well.

    • Understood. No need to over think it, though. You don't look for a sense of humor to please everyone... just finds your OWN sort of funny... if you can.

      Once long ago I felt like a fish out of water... the Shy Guy. I got past it. I said it before: relax. be yourself... come alive a little. People- all people- will respond to personality over looks- every time. Be open, friendly, approachable... sparkle a little. Don't let nerves get to you.

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  • Ok, saw your pictures and I can say only one thing... Seriously? You say you might be ugly.. this is just ridiculous. You are normal looking guy, I bet some girls would even say you are cute or handsome in a way. Ok, you are not the best looking guy in the world but come on, this just makes me mad.

    So give yourself some credit and start going out with girls and have some fun over the summer. Good luck.

  • I really can't figure photobucket out, so I was wondering if you maybe could upload pictures of yourself to your profile? :-)

  • There are no rules! 20 is perfect age to start dating, so just go for it.


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  • You can go to salon and let them improve your overall appearance

  • Just be confident/assertive.

    You could have no other good qualities, but if you have confidence/assertiveness, some girls will want you.

    • So your face isn't bad at all. Your body is bulky (in a good way). Your arms look a little thin compared to your chest: why not bulk up your arms? But you look a little nervous/serious. And, considering you're even asking this question, I'm guessing I'm right to assume that.

      The bad thing is your hair. It may just be the angle of the camera or the quality of the pic, but it's not flattering at all.

      I'd say the foundations are good. There's nothing wrong with you that can't be easily fixed.

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