Have you tried group dating? Good results?

It's more common in other places, but I think it's catching on now in the US as well.


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  • How does that work? Is it just like a big group and you see who you get along with the best?

    • You go out as a group, usually 6 or more people, usually for quite a long time, before you pair off. This is how many young people in other countries get to know each other; dating as a couple is rarely done at such a young age as we see in the United States.

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    • Usually it works well..people treat each other with respect. And they aren't all going after the same person in that way, since they don't expect to date as couples right away; it's not like the rivalries you would get here, where people hope to couple date, very young.

      Rate the question? Few people in the US have ever done this, so not many answers

    • If you give me best answer :p

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  • I think they only help in making the person less nervoys but it makes it be less special


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