What are some questions/conversation topics for a first date?

So I'm going on a date with this guy from school that I kind of know (what program he's in, where he's from, etc) but not too well. I have never been good at small talk and have always been very awkward at carrying out conversations. If there's an awkward silence, which there will probably be, what are some things I can talk about/do to make it less awkward? I really like this guy, which is going to make me even more awkward than usual. Please help :)


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  • Certainly,

    First of all, always let a man talk about himself. We love to do this, and we'll even babble if you let us. (Don't let him).

    Secondly, wear something stunning, that will take his breathe away... the reason for this is not to get him thinking about sex necessarily, but to disarm him. Think of your little black dress like Wonder Woman's truth Lasso... you will be able to ask him anything, and he will likely tell you the truth.

    Some easy things to ask him:

    1. What's his favorite sports team - this is innocent and easy for girls, no chance for a screw-up

    2. What kind of car(s) does he like - again, innocent question coming from a girl

    3. What sort of food does hie like, guys LOVE to talk about this

    4. His ideal mini-vacation? Vegas? The Bahamas?

    5. And always ask WHY with these kinds of questions; again, let him talk

    Some things to ask with care:

    1. Where did he go to school (college)?, if he is a college man

    2. What's his family like? This can go either way, but if you've asked enough "gentle" questions, most men will open up to you...

    3. What's his job like? NEVER ask this first; most men hate gold-diggers... Ask him more like "do you like what you do for a living"?

    Whatever you do, DON'T ask a man if he wants to get married or have kids for at a year, unless you are over 35 years old. And DON'T ask about his ex's unless you are ready to have sex with him, and/or you've been dating at least 6 months.


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  • A good thing to ask if there's a silence, is to ask what his favorite animal is, make sure you already have one and know a little about that animal, ie the gorilla or the wolf, and have a reason why you like that animal, but this can make a great conversation, and can really open up ways of getting to know each other well,x

  • This is how my date would go about:

    1- Call her up at 6pm asking her to go out for a few drinks (coffee - nothing alcoholic)

    2- Tell her 8pm and where to meet me

    3- Buy her a drink with mine, start asking her about her day/week/month.

    4- After listening to her I would briefly start talking about myself (i.e for me I would talk to her about my travels this year).

    5- After 2-2:30 hours with her I tell I need to head back home.

    6- Text her 2-3 days later telling her how nice it was - unless she's texted me the same thing before.

    Now for topics:

    School, exams, politics (if the girl doesn't mind), news, travels, family, friends, upcoming events, music, holidays, parties, animals, colors, football (again if she doesn't mind), clothes, etc ...

    Just formulate questions from these examples and you're sure to have a nice first date.

    Remember to make her/him laugh with you.

  • Get to ask mroe personal questions.


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  • Talk about your ibterest what he wishes to accomplish or things you like