Dating for 6 weeks, won't say girlfriend, but calls me his girl.

I met this amazing guy on an online dating site. His history - he's been in three major relationships, HS girlfriend, Married then divorced, and an ex of 4 years after his divorce.

We get along great, he and I spend about 4 out of 7 nights together every week - We've been seeing each other for just under 6 weeks. I've met his kids, he's met mine, he's posted pictures of us up on Facebook (all actions he's noted to me, because he doesn't come out and say if he's interested, nor am I his "girlfriend" yet).

I've asked him many times about making it official, Boyfriend/Girlfriend, but he says he has to take things slowly. Meanwhile, he seems to be possibly texting other ladies still. 3 weeks into the dating, I found text messages from girls he'd been communicating with from one of the dating sites well into when we'd started seeing each other.

Is this guy a player? Should I be guarded? OR am I over thinking things?


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  • It seems like he's keeping his options open if so you should to and date other people to or text other guys and get to know other people your less likely to get hurt if you keep your options open to

  • its casual dating and yes he doesn't wanna make it official because he talks to other people don't push him into a relationship guys hate that

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