Do you think there's even a point or reason for getting to a relationship, anymore?

I see a lot of things on here, they make me think

"what's even the point of being in a relationship

anymore! Nobodies in it for the right reasons,

so what's the point!?"

Between, people talking about

"the hot dating the hot", rating a persons

looks on scale from one to 10, people talking

about dating in your "league" and people calling

other people ugly and fat. Saying things like

"you wouldn't want to date an ugly person would you?"

Or "you wouldn't want to date a fat person would you?"

People use those two words WAY too much and unless

you've been called one of the those two things, you can't

imagine how horrible it feels to be called ugly or fat! Trust

me, I do! I was called ugly for 3yrs straight, so I know how it

feels. I digress though, so with all of that and other

things people talk about when it comes to dating.

I again ask, what's the point?!?!

I remember, one of the first questions I saw when

I was first on here. Was a female asking "would you

leave your significant other if they were disfigured?"

She said she would and hoped he'd do the same.

And, it's things like that, that make me wonder what

the point of love,dating and relationships is! So,

do you think there's even a point anymore or

are we all just better off single?


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  • I saw that question, very horrible answers. I would not leave someone I was in love with if they were disfigured no matter how bad, but iv'e only been in love once, and I would have done anything for her.

    It just depends on if I loved them or not, because if I didn't and stayed, it wouldn't be fair to either of us. I would stay and be a friend to them if I didn't love them though.


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  • You're just basing off a few negativeness displayed in this forum as current

    truth. They do *NOT* represent what the whole world (7 billion ppl) thinks. :)

    My guess is that there's about probably less than 200 people

    who frequent this site daily. You'll get a few neg. questions here and there

    When I come across questions like the one you have mentioned above.

    I would just ignore it. That question is so... trivial and not worth answering for me.

  • People are getting into relationship to fill a hole that they are missing something. Truth is only one can do so for themselves. We put up with the sh*t because we are scared of being lonely or our other half leaving us. we try to date people of status and of a certain look so that we can appear better.

    I am in no interest in getting into one my last one was horrible. I am trying to work on myself so that I can scan through the jerks easier and save myself the heartache

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