Out of town hookup scenario

Ok long story short met a guy who lives 2 hours from me through mutual friends at a sporting event. He got my number was texting/fb activity on the reg. had to stay at his house after the first real date. Had sex. he's mid 30s I'm late 20s both adults here. Wants to get together again soon. Says "hey stranger!" When he texts (once a week) does he expect me to be texting him or what? I never have initiated a text convo w/him.. I'm still gonna hang w him once more


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  • He's subtly calling you out on not texting. But he's also keeping the door open for another hook up or maybe a relationship. I'm not sure if you two like each other or not as there wasn't enough information given to make that call.

    • True.but now he knows I'm

      Interested in meeting again (he texted me sat morn asking how my new job was and told me to let him know when I have free time to get together again. I told him to let me know about not this wknd but next since I'm off) so ball is in his court. Ill see if he leads more next date?

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    • I see your point. It's been over a week since he's contacted me. I told him to let me know if this (upcoming) wkd will work. I've written little comments on his fb (general stuff) I'm not playing this cat & mouse game with a 35 y/o man. I have 2 others I can hangout w/in his town this wkd. I am a like to plan ahead type of girl.

    • Then that's your answer right there. If you don't want to play games and there is someone else on your radar, then go after them and make some magic happen!

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