Is she playing hard to get?

Just met this girl 10 days ago who just moved here from Norway. I gave her my number. I found her on Facebook & we chatted for a few hours that night & the next night she texted me. I've been starting conversations over text more than she has. She says she's busy with a bunch of stuff right now. I asked if she would want a tour of the town later that week & she said yes. I texted her later that week to ask if we were still going & she said she was on her way to the ER because she's been suffering from a kidney infection & would let me know later that day. I didn't hear from her & it was almost the time I was supposed to pick her up. I texted her & no response until later that night she said she was resting, so she could work the next day. Why didn't she let me know earlier? I didn't message her the next few days & then I get a text from her & we chatted for a while & asked the next time she was free and if she wanted to do something. That was last night & I haven't gotten a response. I usually text her first, but she texted me first only 2 times. Does she like me or is she really that busy?

Also, am I sounding too desperate? I don't wanna sound like it because I'm not.


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  • Firstly, most if not, all women do not play this “hard to get” game. They either like you or they don't. If a girl likes you, she's going to want to jump straight into your arms, not make it harder and potentially lose you because she wanted to play a little game with you. If a girl didn't like you, she'd drop all contact with you or just say that she doesn't like you in that way.

    Now that's cleared up, I'll continue.

    It sounds like she's genuinely busy. The fact that she says yes almost immediately to you asking to hang out is a sign she does like you and that she's started the conversation a couple times, but she's just busy. She can't inform you every minute of the day of what she's doing and where's she's going. You just have to be patient and not over think like you are right now. She hasn't replied because she's gone to bed and then got up for work today like she said she was. She just doesn't have time to text you and she's hardly going to put everything on hold to respond to you. Distract yourself with other things so it won't feel as long when you're waiting for a response.

    • That's what I thought. I've been giving her space lately & let her message me if she wants to talk. Thanks!

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  • 95% of the time "hard to get" actually means they don't want to be "gotten" by you. The other 5% of the time she's a crazy, insecure girl indicating more problems to come.

    • With hard to get they do push/pull. All you're getting is push so she's probably not interested.

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  • Yes, she is.