No response from this girl. Mixed signals? Need help!! In a bind!

First off, I always appreciate input from this site. =) This will be a long one:

About a month ago, I met a girl at a soccer game through a friend. We didn't talk much, but I got her number. I texted her a few time over the course of a couple days. I initiated the messaging. I also sent an open ended message that she could have easily responded to but she didn't. After her not responding, I didn't message her anymore figuring she wasn't interested. A couple weeks went by and my friend that introduced us stated that her friend was wondering why I stopped texting her. Surprised by that information, I texted this girl again. We went back and forth and learned more about her. We were talking about a topic and she said "well, it's a very complicated and long story, if I ever get to see you again, I'll fill you in".

Ok, so after she made that comment, I asked her to get coffee. She said yes. I responded with a time and date, but she couldn't that day. She said she'd let me know what the her schedule looked like. I waited 3 days and she never informed me. So I asked her once again. I set another rough time and date (I chose the day and time frame, but it was very flexible.) This was a day ago and not a response. I know a day isn't a very long time, but another issue cropped up.

I can definitely take a hint, and I won't message her anymore unless she initiates something. I just am confused. It seems like there may be mixed messages, but I don't know. Now I am in a bind...

Last night, I was talking to a girl from high school which I hadn't seen in a while. We, however, have been talking for months. She wanted to date in high school and now wants to meet up to get drinks and it's on the day I messaged to the original girl in this topic. I haven't answered her yet. The date is potentially only 2 days from now so I need to do something.

I was fine before what I perceived to be mixed signals. If it were not for the curiosity in regards to why I stopped texting and the fact she said "If I get to see you again" and answering "yes" to the coffee request, I would have accepted that she had no interest. She initiated no communication. She's never asked about me to me; only to her friend. The thing is, the girl from the game was awesome in every way...

I need to formulate a response to the girl from high school by this evening. I don't want to keep her waiting.

What would you do? Right now, I'm leaning towards accepting the high school girl's invite. If the other girl was really interested, she would have communicated by now.

Thanks for any input!

The original girl never ended up responding so that definitely helped. Decision has been made. Thanks for the input!


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  • I'd go for drinks with the girl from high school but not give up all home on the girl from the game.

    You may as well say yes to the High School girl. If the Soccer Game girl suddenly says she can go for drink that day, you'll just have to tell her that you've made other plans yet. The HS girl might want nothing more than friendship, but she is definitely interested in meeting, so just go and have drinks with her, it'll be nice for you to catch up and you can see how you feel towards each other after a while.

    The SG girl definitely seems interested but might just be a busy kind of girl. I know that I'm always really busy and sometimes forget to reply to people or struggle to make a short-notice activity with people. If I were you, I'd text her one or 2 more times, just asking how she is and what she's been up to. If she doesn't reply at all then forget about her. If she replies then chat a bit before asking her for coffee again. Tell her to suggest a date and time, or even give her a call so you can work out a date together and have a good chat. She certainly was interested so there's no reason she would have changed her mind so soon. Don't pester her by texting every day, but also don't give up just because she doesn't reply to your text once.

    Hope things work out :)

    • Thank you for the in depth response and your personal take on it.

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  • I'm almostin the same bind as you, but I don't have another girl asking to hang out. I've been getting mixed signals from this one girl as well. It's difficult to read them. I would say go with the HS girl, since she seems very interested. Good luck!

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