What should I do about this girl?

So me and this girl that I had a class with started talking a lot after our class ended. For a period of about a month we were texting every day and hanging out every now and then too. At one point she somehow got a hold of my phone and saw that I texted someone about liking her. So that night, I made my move and kissed her. So the next fews days go by and I guess it's kind of the same. Then after that all of a sudden she's not texting me anymore at all. For the last week I've been texting her first and I feel like I look clingy at this point. I asked her out twice to go out since I last saw her, and she's given me an excuse both times. Both excuses could have been legit. one was that she had to watch her friends kid for the night. The next time, she said that was going out with her sister. In fact that's the only time in the last 10 days she contacted me first, when she drunk dialed me at 3 am , she was incoherent. Is asking her out even worrh it? The last time she said no , I said Oh OK, just let me know if toh want to go out later this week..What happened here? I feel like she's only being nice by even replying at this point. Should I stop texting her? Does that even work? She hasn't ignored me at all, it just seems like she's uninterested now. I feel like if I am wrong, she'll text me or call on her own. She has before after all. If I'm right, then I'm just doing her a favor and leaving her alone.


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  • it might be because you are a bad kisser... or she didn't feel anything when you when you kissed her or she really really likes you and cannot contain her feelings. anyways her friends will know all about it so try to confront one of them and they will really tell you what it is. she can also act this way because one of her friends like you I don't know but you need to find out why she just stopped talking to you :)

    • The kiss could have been it, but we kissed in my car, and then I walked her to her door, she basically herself initiated another kiss. She was texting me like always on Friday and Saturday ( last time I saw her was a Thursday) and then Sunday is when sh*t hit the fan. I thought maybe because I was taking it too slow and was acting like a big p****. I would be surprised if she really really liked me

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    • I think you should call her or text that you want to meet and keep the time and date open for her to choose. If she says that she can't meet up busy so on you will know that its time to move on :)

    • The idea of letting her to initiste the contact is good but wha do you know you might wait for ages until you will finally give up as for the idea below you will know right away.

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  • Yes, stop texting her.

    • I have, haven't talked to her in 3 days now..