Jealousy issues, or what is his deal?

Okay, so on Friday night I went over to my guy friend's house& we had a bonfire with all our brothers & his dad. Well, while I was there, I missed a text from the guy I've been seeing for 8 months (very close friends with the guy) & he's been working, so when I got home an hour later and saw the text he was already sleeping. He has ignored all my texts and even birthday messages since then and I think he's mad that I hung out with our guy friend while he was working? I also asked him if he's mad at me on Skype, and he never wrote me back? ~Do guys get like this when the girl they like hangs out with even one of their friends?

~How long do guys need to cool off and stop ignoring? I don't know what to do.

~Do you ignore your girl when mad or jealous?


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  • Mad and Jealous.

    • Do they get over this? lol

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    • Yes, he sounds kind of possessive, he refuses to communicate with you through you're problems, and gets very jealous probably, not sure if it's because you didn't text him back that he's mad about, or that it's because you're neighbor friend was with you.

      But, if he didn't at least care I don't think he would get this mad/upset, unless it's a bruised ego thing idk. Nobody can give you accurate answers except him.

    • He usually communicates, I just don't know what his deal is. Guys are confusing lol. And yeah, that is true too, I wish I could talk to him and get my answer :/ but thanks once again

  • It seems his jealousy is so deep.


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