What's that mean ??

when someone just don't answer to your messages or even message you back all the day and you know that he road it ..

is that means that he don't wanna talk 2 you again ..?

or he just 4got about you?

or don't wanna you anymore ?


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  • umm I don't know about if they feel like an idiot. IMO which I have been in this situation a lot of times . if its a male who doesn't respond back who you and him had any kind of flirting dating relationship . most likely they don't want to be botherd or do not wwant to talk to you . I remember this one guy . he woudnt reply to my messages because I found out he had a girlfriend . so he probably felt like he should even write back . for what ? he has a girlfriend . trust me when a guy is okay with any type of communication they will respond in any form . text, message, aim, myspaace face book or a fone call anyway if its a girl . could be she doesn't wanna talk to you . maybe something happend ?

    & also if its been more then 2 times you messaged this person . then deff they don't wanna hear from you.

    • He's a male

      its so weird .. that person didn't do that before

      he saw my text and didn't answer all the day ...?_? WHY?

  • This is a good question. I know I'm friends with this one guy who has admitted he is fond of me and he doesn't always answer my texts but it's because he doesn't know what to say and doesn't wanna sound like an idiot.

    The only reason I know that is because I asked him why; so you should ask why. It's always better to ask that person straight out.

    • Yea but this is the first time he did that

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    • Well that's good. now if it happens repeatedly that's when you gotta watch out

    • Yea thx hun ^__________^

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