She loves and admires you but doesn't want to make you public. Would you date her?

This question is for men. Let's say you really like this woman and this woman likes you back in every sense, physically, emotionally and intellectually. However, she tells you that if you two do have something she wants to keep it a secret that you two have something from everybody else. Would that be a deal breaker? Both of you guys are single.


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  • For a little while secrecy would be OK, but after a good bit of time I'd see it as she doesn't see the relationship seriously. When you love someone it shouldn't matter who knows. So, if it were just a thing where you are like, making a decision not to update a Facebook status to "in a relationship with so and so" that's OK, it's only Facebook. But hiding it from friends, family, co-workers that's something else entirely.

    • So deal breaker for you.

    • I guess so. But what I'm really saying is, she doesn't actually love the guy even if she claims to.

  • Yes, I would date her. Public actions aren't a big deal breaker.


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