Sometimes I hate friends of girls that I am about to date

They rub me the wrong way. Especially if they are judgmental looking.

Ever feel that way too?


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  • One more thing I hated about formal dating: The gauntlet yu had to run, all her friends and family checking you out and no doubt giving her their opinion.

    This is why I decided to have less structured relationships, without formal ask-outs and all the friends standing around..

    I decided to meet them when working on something together, in a club for people with similar interests, or rehearsing a play...


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  • "judgmental LOOKING"? Ahahahahaaaa, I see what you did there, that's hilarious!

    oh, sh*t.. you weren't serious, were you? In that case AHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA OH MY GOD!

  • I can empathize,women especially are the worse.Guys in general are...better.But. I find girls in general are often judgmental for all of the wrong reasons.

    • I dated this one girl at school and her friends all hated me and put it in her head that I was only with her because of the sex.

      Then we broke up and the friends started to like me.

      One of the girls ended up hating my ex.

    • That's girls for ya.I'm a girl,but I can't stand MOST girls for the very nonsense mentioned.

    • *worst

  • then try to ignore them, go on dates with just you and her.

    • What if they follow you and her while looking all lonely like. Sad lost puppy dog?

What Guys Said 2

  • Can't blame you. Making a first impression on one girl can be nervous enough, but having to please 2 or 3 more, is even worse.

    • I find that young girls donit the most. Ones in there rarly 20's

    • *do it most

      *early 20's

  • You shouldn't care about her friends.

    • Thank you.

      I am not sure if J care about her that much either now.



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