Should I move on and put my interest in the Next guy.

I have been seeing this guy since end of Feb, I met him online and we do have a lot in common. Everything seems to be going good from the start I tried to make it clear that I wasn't not interested in fun and I'm trying to find something meaningful

Whilst dating there was a time I only thought he was interested in one thing so I tried to end any further meetings. I told him how I felt and he was insistent that he was not. A month down the line and there was an issue where we were meant to meet up and it didn't quite work out as planned. He was not answering my phone calls or text. I ended up sending a text telling him how I felt and basically ending it. This did get his attention he immediately found himself to me all the excuses were Lame.

Since then the relationship was going OK the things he was expressing to me is that he doesn't want anyone else he's been dating but no one compares to me. Blah blah blah

I thought things were getting serious I even introduced him to my son and this is something I've never done before and I've explained this to him. This particular guy I met on an online dating site.

Here is the dilemma

While dating "my guy" I met guy that I'm very much attracted to I'm not a cheater and I try to give men a chance.

So "my guy" informs me he's going away for 2 months for work. The thing is He's still on the dating website I'm sure even up to the day he went away.

The last time I spoke to him the day before we left and we had a conversation with regards to being boyfriend and girlfriend and he totally tried to down play it. He said he was goanna call me or text me before the flight took off. He didn't now its been 3 weeks since he been gone and I haven't even received a text.

Now this other guy I actually am starting to like him were still in the flirty stage but I'm sure will be exchanging numbers soon.

I'm not trying to sound full of myself but I am considered a pretty girl and I have a real good waist to hips ration.

I have no problems meeting guys, some days the attention can be too much.

I do like this new guy and I'm going to continue to purse it. But I don't know what to do about "my guy" I could see myself falling for him but my thing is if you wanted me you would of made sure you eliminated all competition. But can I really even continue with him when he comes back?

Thanks for all the replies I will be keeping it moving a bit pissed off though, cause I wasn't looking at it as a big thing I guess will ultimately have to deal with it when he gets back. I'm not a heartless bitch I thought we had something but I'm guessing not. So I be pursing new guy.
Ok well I'm really bad at checking my voice mail messages and my guy has left me 2 :-)

I haven't pursued anything with new guy, I'm gonna leave it as that.


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  • You have a right to your fella making an effort, and like you say, if he doesn't, then someone else will, but even so, the right thing to do here is finish it with your fella first, and yes, a text is not great, but what other option have you got, he's away. The right thing to do would be wait until he gets back, but with the lack of attention he has showed you would tell me, his attention is elsewhere and you are the last of his thoughts, so why pay him more respect than he shows you, but it depends if you want to be seen as a heartless bitch or someone who at least waited for you to return to tell her boyfriend it was over, so really, have some fun, send your fella a text saying that you need to talk when he gats back, there's a good chance he will finish it instead, because he will know what that talk is about anyway, but he made his bed, he now needs to lie in it, because if it was me, there's no way I could go away and not keep in touch with my girl back home, so his behavior has damaged the relationship and allowed someone to do what he should of been doing, but opt for the right way, its always good to keep a good name,x


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  • If you haven't heard from the first guy in 3 weeks, I think it's fair to move on.

  • yes go ahead move on to the next guy and then line them up so you can move on many times to several,next guys. isn't that what they all do?

  • your guy has moved on so should you...proceed!

  • It's best if you move on and focus yourself on a new guy.


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  • I vote new guy. 3 weeks and your supposed to jump cause he leaves a message? Please!

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