Worth filing a police complaint or no?

So, yesterday my 18 year old sister, (who got kicked out of the family home a month ago because she kept running off for three days at a time to "chill" with her friends, get drunk, and smoke pot) contacted my mom and started demanding stuff that didn't belong to her, threatening to file a restraining order if she didn't get it.

Anyway, I texted her and told her she'd be in over her head if she tried that, given that I'm a legal studies major and have a judge and a law professor to get advice from. A few insults flew, etc.

Anyway, midnight that night, her pothead boyfriend she's living with called up my cell phone while high and started, "You sent messages that made my girlfriend cry! You--"

I'm go, "I have terrible reception here, I can talk to you tomorrow."

Him: "I'll make it short then. If you ever f***ing talk to my girlfriend like that again you and I are gonna--"

Me: "Try threats somewhere else, they don't work on adults." Click. Anyway, then he called my home, railed at my dad, challenged me to meet him and brawl, etc.

Anyway, given that this guy is a druggie and my sister has basically gone insane (threatening a restraining order when last week she met my mom for lunch, and then tried to get her to meet again, though my mom was paying) is it worth it to file a complaint, just to document if he or she shows up and goes psycho? Or will it not really make a difference if something happens?

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Irony, I was at the police station today, going to file, changed my mind, and then had two threatening voice mails from him trying to sound tough by the time I got home. Thanks y'all, I'll file a complaint tomorrow.


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  • File something because it'll give you an edge if it escalates. So if it gets bigger and they decide to file you're already one step ahead.


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  • ashe doesn't care about abything


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  • File a complaint. Make the statement her selfish stupid childish mind won't fly.

  • File a complaint because it gives you a better standing .