Types of Kisses? Cliche? NO.

Yeah this posts title might be a bit cliche but I can't find anything on GaG that really answers my question :( When it comes to guys I've noticed the kissing types and preferences vary GREATLY.


Went on a date with a guy, told me beforehand he wasn't looking for a relationship atm and I was fine with that. Went to dinner then to a movie, made out for about half of it. He walked me to my door and we talked for a little kissed a little, but right after he was about to leave, he cups my face with his hands and kisses... my forehead. Yeah I've gotten kisses on the forehead before but from my boyfriend of a few months, not a first date non-relationship guy?

Another example.

FWB. he's nice and we both recognize the relationship is about sex. But he constantly cuddles me, constantly gives me eskimo kisses, and constantly gives me random pecks on the lips. Tbh for friends with benefits he seems a little... clingy.

Maybe I'm just used to the stereotypical way of a certain type of guy or a certain situational reaction. But guys, what do you base your kisses on? How you feel about the girl or the situation itself?


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  • You make ery good points. With the first guy you went on a date with at least he told you he wasn't looking for nothign serious. But the way you and him were kissing seemed like a relationship type of thing. Also your right the kiss on the forehead would seem like something a boyfriend would do.I don't think I would kiss a girl on her forehead on a first date. Normally on first dates if we were to kiss throughout the date it would be up to the girl. I wouldn't push the kising issue with her unless it was somethign she wanted to do. Also your just meeting the person so if I was to end the date it would be with a hug and maybe a kiss on the cheek if the girl let me.If their is chemistry then maybe more mouth to mouth kissing.

    With the friends with benefits thing it seems like the way he is acting and kissing you is very clingy.I think he is starting to get attached to you.Everybody has didfferent rules about fwb's. Some peopel is just strictly sex only.Others it's a mixture of sex,cuddling,kissing etc. I think one person will get more clingy during fwb.It always seem to happen that way.But I think different situations can bring different results for kissing. I think setting and atmospere play a role and also chemistry.

    • Thank you for the selecting my answer as the best answer.I think the different kissing scenerios can always play out differently.Their has been times when I went on first dates I never kissed the girl.Then their are other times when we kiss and hug.I feel the chemistry and attraction has to be their in order for kissing to happen.

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  • All of my kisses are the same, except if there's a time constraint.


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