Why would a guy be so into you and a relationship and then start ignoring your texts?

I met a guy at a university tour for accepted students and we exchanged numbers as we will be attending the college and moving in this summer. We have been talking for about two months now and he has told me he is looking for a relationship with me, he really likes me, and finds me to be very attractive. He is nice and I get along with him. For awhile he was texting me good morning everyday and when he didn't, I'd text him and he said he liked how I initiated it by texting him first. He has asked to talk on the phone with me maybe 6-7 times already but I'm always busy or preoccupied with something. I don't have time alone to talk for 2 hours with him. Lately he has been texting me less and less and now he doesn't even respond to my texts. He has been sick but still. I texted him last night and he asked about when we could talk on the phone again and I said maybe today. He hasn't texted me at all today and didn't respond to my text this morning. I'm mostly annoyed because it's like if he doesn't like me then why does he keep acting like he does and sending me hearts and telling me he really wants a relationship with me and being sweet with me? It makes no sense and is so frustrating. I just want to give up on him and move on but I thought he was so into me. What's going on? And do you think it's a good idea for me to text him saying "So are you are not going to text me again until I talk with you on the phone or what?"


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  • he sounds like he's upset that you don't want to ring him, therefore probably thinking you're not interested. Guys would much rather speak on the phone then text. Maybe you should surprise him by giving him a ring, and ask how he's feeling and stuff if he is still feeling unwell.

    He doesn't want to come across as desperate so he's not responding to texts,

    or he's limiting contact with you to make you miss him.

    i would definitely give him a ring, a surprise and see if contact picks up again, especially if he's said he likes the way you initiate contact!

    Also his tone on the phone will give you a good indication what's up with what he's feeling about you, so much better then a text will.

    • That is such a good point! I will definitely be able to tell his feelings. Thank you so much!

    • This is great advice! I would take it