She acted really interest, but hasn't replied to my last text?

So I've been flirting with this girl over text and I can tell she is interested. Here were some example of texts over the last couple of weeks:

1) "I bet I can guess what you do & how you think, alright so, you just picked up your phone, saw my name, read this text, ...aaaand now you're thinking about me, and now you're smiling, because I got it right morning x" (sent at half one in the morning)

2) (In response to my opener) "I think you've got this a little confused - you've text me, out the blue, to get me where you want me.. When in fact I think it looks like I've got you exactly where I want you x"

3) (To a joke I said) "Hahahahhahahahaahahhahahah literally howling"

4) "Hahahaha! I'm nudey in my paddling pool hehehehee".

Number 4 quote being from a conversation we had on Sunday, although it ended like this:

HER - I don't get it hahaha (aimed at the end of my short story)

ME - In other words, I need a new fence to stop the perving from next door. Are you still nudey in that kiddies paddling pool of yours? (sent at 8pm, joke about her still being in her paddling pool)

HER -What... Whilst the suns gone? Oh yeah

ME - Ha, anyway I'm off. Early start

Now, three days later I reinitiated with a message similar to the number one quote saying that "as she reads this, I've slipped onto her mind" and that "a couple of symptoms involve smiling and denial" and I ended the message saying "Cure? Incurable".

However, I haven't had a reply, but she's been updating Twitter. I want to refrain from texting again as she didn't reply to my goodnight text or my latest one.

I do feel that my "goodnight" text of such was a bit off, I know myself I did react a bit off in that because I thought she was in her reply, then I realized she was just sarcastic (but that's hard to detect over text).

What should I do? Wait it out? Best text to send in a few days if no reply, or just let her come to me? (She's a stubborn girl by the way, she told me before she doesn't like to chase)


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  • my guess would be she was busy and just forgot to text back. It happens. But who the hell knows about girls. Maybe she's playing hard to get or simply didn't feel like texting back. Seriously, no true way to tell.

    I, personally, would text in a few days again. But not sure what. Another joke? Nah. Maybe a more serious question or check up. I guess it depends on how well I (or you) like this girl and how fast I want to get the ball rolling or how much interest I'm willing to show, etc.

    • She does seem to play hard to get sometimes. I remember when I tested her one time and she replied "I'm not playing chase". I think I've been quite jokey lately, to keep conversations interesting. Maybe a question that shows my interest in her is better, i.e personal question. It's also fathers day this weekend, her dad died when she was young so I could send a nice text about it.

      Some have told me to remain distant though and wait for her to contact. She does initate quite a bit.

    • a nice father's day text could be a good step in the right direction. That whole "ignore her" crap tends to work for the girls with low sense of self or are desparate, etc. Not saying to text her all the time. If she initiates, then sure, wait a few days, maybe even a week between your texts.

      This girl seems like she actually has a good amount of self-respect, treating her as such would work best, I think.

    • Just an update, I found out she deactivated her Twitter and Facebook accounts last night? Which is odd, because she's always insisted on us texting instead of Facebook messaging, etc

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