Guys, after you string along along a girl, has she ever been able to get you to stop and take her seriously?

I ask this because I really like this guy I'm talking to right now but I feel like he is stringing me along because he will text me first but he will disappear after a few texts and he hasn't really tried making plans to hang out with me again after the first time we hung out. I want him to start taking me seriously and stop. Right now, I'm just backing off a lot, but if so, what can a girl do to get the guy to stop and change things around?

I actually have asked him to hang out and he hasn't made any plans but just keeps saying he will look for a place. I initiated the idea of hanging out again.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe he thinks you are stringing him along. He takes steps towards you but you don't take a step forward to meet him. You haven't outright rejected him yet but you still won't meet his approaches.

    YOu have to get him in the middle.


What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe he's waiting on YOU to initiate what comes next. He might be waiting for you to ask him to hang out again. Who knows. All you can do is try. The worst that will happen is he will say no.