He is dating but does he like me?

There is this guy in my building I used to have a crush on for 2 years long back. But then I was with someone else and we broke up. I spoke to my building guy frind about this(the one I used to like). He gave me hugs saying he felt bad about me. He gave me a lot of long hugs, he is dating another girl but.

He even said he can hug me whenever he wants to. I just found it weird. Then one day he asked if I like him and I said no I used to.. he knew that. Then the other day he said his girlfriend doesn't like him hanging out with me and said so lets be bro and sis.

But whenevr we play truth or dare.. he keeps saying that would you kiss me friendly way.. on the cheek.. and if you liked me how mch would you hug me. He even said if I break up what will you do. But then he also keeps joking that he broke up with his gf.. its weird..


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  • At times he seems like he likes yu then other times he seems to be joking about things he says.I think he likes flirting with you and hugging you alot. He seems to enjoy your company.Maybe oen day he might break up with his girlfriend. But he is hard to read at times.

    • Yeah I know.. he even asked me if I wanna go for a movie with him.. its so confusing.. I just don't wanna get inbetween them

    • Yeah it can be confusing and I can't blame you for not wanting to interupt what he has with her.I think you should go to the movies with him if you want to.He seems interested and flirting a lot with you.But like you said if he has a girlfriend and it makes things awkward and weird.

  • If he's dating, then the attraction is just for you


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