How to respond to this girl's message (dating site)?

So I was browsing Okcupid and stumbled upon this 9/10 from within my city. I saw her profile and we had a lot in common, and this is the convo(I regret responding cause I think I screwed up, but oh well)


Me: Oh geez, so you're into the psychology field, a gamer like me, AND love zombies too? Geez what's the catch?

Her: we went to the same high school...

Me: LOL you know me some how? Wow. Yeah I did love cherry hill east, it was such a great school honestly, I miss it.


Never gotten this specific reply before and not sure how to respond. As you can see I already replied(with no response) but I do think I should message one last time, so yeah any ideas?

Also I guess it's kind of flattering she recognized me? She wasn't in my grade, and I'm 20, so I graduated HS 2 years ago.

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  • Do not reply unless she replies to you. I would say it's flattering unless she remembers you as a jerk.

  • Why not try to Skype her, or just talk to her in person?

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