He said he would text me back but hasn't?

Ok, so there's this boy, we had a thing earlier this school year but it didn't work out. We went our separate ways; he got a girlfriend and I partied and hooked up with other guys, but we still stayed acquaintances. A week or so ago he broke up with his girlfriend and I was pretty happy, cause I guess I still liked him a little bit... I texted him yesterday asking him a question about homework, and usually he texts me answers and nothing more, but this time we actually had a nice conversation. Today, I talked to him in person and he had a lacrosse game. I couldn't go so I told him to text me the results of the game and he said he would. His game ended about 3 hours ago and still no text. Is he not interested in me? Should I text him or should I forget him?


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  • Im practically in the same situation right now,and when he doesn't text me back right away I freak out honestly, but don't worry you'll cross his mind soon and hell text you(:

    • So don't give up on him yet.

    • Thanks for the answer! He still hasn't texted me.. Should I text him or talk to him at school? Cause schools about to get out and I want to hangout during the summer

    • I would talk to him at school, but I wouldn't necessairly make mention of him not texting you back. Just go up to him and tell him you want to get together this summer so he should text you so you guys can make plans, but if he still doesn't text you I would really let him go, but I definently wouldn't spend any extra time worrying about him.

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