Why doesn't he text me back

Theres this guy that I'm just getting to know who goes to my church. Every now and then he will text me and tell me he's thinking about me but after a few texts he doesn't respond back. I don't understand him. If you text me first why am I always the one who has to keep the conversation going just for you not to respond? Maybe its Asian logic...


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  • Some guys don't like texting back and forth.I think girls like to text more then guys. I think it's just a guy thing. Also maybe your friend is shy and doesn't know what to text or talk about.That is why I thin he keeps it short and sweet by saying he is thinking about you because it doesn't ask a question it's just a statement. I think it's hard ot keep the topic and conversation going. One thing I have learn about texting back and forth is eventually you will run out of things to talk about.Then the texts get repetitive and boring.


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