Dumps me, calls me a liar and 6 months later asks me on a date?! Please explain.

1. We date for two months. He is generous and loving, nicest guy I've dated.

2. Then dumps me with no explanation. Later sends text calling me a liar and that he doesn't trust me. I hadn't told any lies.

3. 4 months later apologies and then later said its a mistake he contacted me. We only text don't meet..

4. 6months later asks for a second chance. We go on date he is lovely. We have a good time on the date.

Does anyone have any ideas why he may has behaved this way?


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  • Yeah, it sounds like he was insecure about something. He might have imagined that you cheated on him (or that you were seeing other people), he may have believed some rumors or outright lies that someone told him about you...

    It really could have been anything. Perhaps a coworker of yours who he's friends with said he saw you talking to a guy, and boom, he's got jealousy issues. Maybe you weren't exclusive, but he thought you were. A suspicious wall post, knowledge of your account here on GaG, an intercepted email from a cousin - who knows?

    The only way to find out is to ask him why he dumped you. He admits it was his mistake, so clearly he was having trust issues. IMHO, even though he'll want to avoid this issue like the plague and pretend it never happened (it's definitely embarrassing for him), I think you have a right to know what went down. It's very likely that one day you'll want to find out. It's better that happens sooner rather than later. You'll gain some critical insights on his character, motivation, and trust in your relationship; plus, you'll both know how to avoid such situations in the future.


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  • It seems that he's just a player. You shouldn't concern yourself with him.


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  • Is he mentally ill? Seriously. He's unstable; stay far away from him if only for your sanity...

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