Hey girls & guys, what's the most interesting date that you've ever been on?

I had an interesting date today...

We were supposed to meet at a popular outdoor mall and hang out, but as soon as we both got there, a big storm hit and it was pouring rain. So we figured that maybe we could go to a museum, but at soon as we got there, we realized that it was closed...

He then takes out his phone and Google searches "The best milkshake in Kansas City" we came across a top ten list and decided to go to the number one place...Turns out that it was a really popular place, but we'd never heard of it and it's hard to find. We even told the waiter to surprise us on what meals to get (something I've never done before).

After we ate, we kind of got lost driving around, but we found a movie theater, so we stopped and watched a movie..

This was only our 2nd date, but he says that we have to try all of the milkshakes on the top ten list now, which makes 9 more dates already (no problems there ^_^)

Have you guys ever been on random interesting dates?


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  • One date, on our anniversary, I showed up to my girlfriend's place with flowers, and candy, left them there, we went out to breakfast at the pancake house, and she was WAAAY overdressed, but it's cool. As I settled the bill, I bought her a frog plushie with a little heart. We went back to my place, and fooled around a little, but mainly kept it classy. I changed into something more dressy.

    Then went to the art gallary, checked out a ton of different artworks, talked to some of the guides there. It was pretty cool. When we were done, we had lunch at the penthouse up top the gallery.

    After lunch we went to the Titanic exhibit which was in town at the time. It was 99 years after it sank. We sprung extra money to get one of those ear piece things that tell you what exhibit is what. Some things even acted out radio messages, or pretended to be one person or another on the titanic. There were two recordings. One for the kids and one for the adults. We listened to both, which told us WAY more information that way. Different sides to things. It was pretty cool. There was even a huge chunk of frozen saltwater to give people an idea how cold it was. Even some roleplay. She spent way too much money on the gift shop. But yeah this whole thing took like 5 or 6 hours.

    By the time we got out it started snowing. Which was weird, because it usually stops snowing before that time of year. Still, there it was. Very pretty. I gave her my coat, and we walked to dinner at the Ivory, which is an Indian restaurant here. One of our favourites. It was nice, romantic, and I love how the owner often comes out to talk to us, and tell us the complete history of everything Indian ever. He's a friendly and interesting man.

    After he left, we realized that across the train tracks and past the overpass, not far from the restaurant, a carnival set up for the weekend. So we finished our food, and that's where we went next. Mainly all we did was go up on the fares wheel to see a view from on high, of the city, while it was still snowing.

    From there, we went to the mall, I got her some snacks, and we went over to the movies to check out a movie. Honestly though, I don't remember what the movie was, because it was by far the least interesting part of the day. I think it was a slasher movie, but I could be mistaken.

    Finally, after the movie, we went back to my place, stayed up, drank, and made love before eventually falling asleep.

    I think that's how the day went. I might be a bit off on my sequencing, but that was more or less what happened, as incredible and unbelievable as it may sound. But it was years ago, so some of it might be a bit off. Still, that's pretty much how I remember it. I don't think I'll be able to top that one for a while.


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  • Things I have done on a first date. Keep in mind I live in L.A. and I do travel a little

    1. Flew to Las Vegas (saw the show "Love/Beatles") amazing.

    2. Flew to San Francisco

    3. Went to a special screening of a movie called "City Island" which was hosted by the lead actor Andy Garcia. Andy spent an hour doing Q & A with the audience. Lots of fun. Then had dinner in downtown L.A.

    4. Meet a girl on the internet, she had never been to New York.. We had never met. I flew her to Buffalo, NY, where I was working. Drove to Niagara Falls, spent the day there, then had a great dinner on the Canada side. I flew her back in a few days.

  • I don't really go on dates because I suck at life... :D

    • They why on earth did you answer this question?

    • Yeah well true is we all do man most of us are doing nothing for humanity, your gonna have to just start faking it man.

    • Why did I answer the question? Well its worth 3 points and a good oppertunity to make fun of myself for my failures. Sounds like a win-win to me

  • since I am ugly , the women view me as an abomination to males , so no dates

  • I'm too fat and ugly to date. That's what one user on here said so I wouldn't know.

  • It would be when we went to a comedy bar and lots of interesting things happen.

  • Last minute thing 4th of July we were laying in grass to watch fireworks then something fell in my eye, and I thought I smelled a dog mess so I told her move her butt then of course I moved mine just to show her my butt lol.

    Was Super cute then later in pitch dark I had asked her where she was so I could kiss her!


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  • He sounds fun to be around. :-)

    I haven't been on any fun, spontaneous dates as an adult but when I was a freshman in high school, my boyfriend and I had the intention to just hang out at my place and watch movies, but a thunderstorm hit and knocked the lights out. Pretty soon I had friends coming over and knocking on my door, and we all left and played flashlight tag in the rain around our neighborhood. It was pretty fun with the lightening lighting up the sky and with so many people.