What do you say when you're on a first date, and you run into someone you'd much rather be with?

Do you try sending signals, or do you just 'dance with the one that brought you?'

I'm assuming the other person is someone you know, not a total stranger..that you happen to run into there.
Hey, calm down! I didn't say, 'would you DITCH them!'

Of course not..

But would you make signals...y'know?


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  • I would say: " I am so sorry about this but I realize we are both wasting our time. You are a very nice person but you are not for me. I am going to end the date here to save us both time. again, I really value and appreciate you and the time, effort and expense you put forth."

    There is nothing wrong with how you feel so if you are courteous and respectful, everything will be all right.



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  • I'd stay with my date out of respect, although I can't imagine how I could meet a total stranger and know right away that he'd be better for me.

    • I'm assuming th other person is someone you know, naturally!

    • I'd still stay with my date. Realistically though, if I had feelings for a guy friend and I felt like there was even a remote chance of us working out, I wouldn't agree to date different guy.

    • Really? I think that's exceptional, good for you!

  • Only an a**hole would ditch their date for someone else.

    • @update: Doesn't make a difference. You go on a date with a person, you finish that date with them. If you know the person you'd rather be with, you can talk to them another time. Don't be a d***.

    • I didn't say ditch them,just make signals.

    • Still not okay.

  • I'd say hi to them but I wouldn't ditch the person I was with, that's just rude. If you wanna strike up that sort of convo with the other person, do it some other time.

    • No, I didn't say ditch them! Just a few signals.

    • I don't think you should send them any signals either, focus on your date and leave the other person for another time.

  • I think it's very rude to give signals to someone else when you're there with somebody.. You can say you have to leave early and come back for that special person to dance with. :)

  • stay with the person you are in a date with, otherwise you would be a total douche, why do people ask other people out if they like somebody else? it is super stupid

    • See update..

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    • I mainly agree, but realistically, people often go out with someone even if they like someone else better, right? happens to most people, I would say. Maybe they've been rejected by the one they really like...

    • yeah, but even if a lot of people do it doesn't make it any better

  • I don't think I would ever do that, if I like someone better I wouldn't be going out with another guy at all.

  • it would be inappropriate. if you know them, text them.


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  • I remember once I was at a table in a food court and this cute girl was on a date with a nerdy looking guy (how it happened idk, maybe a blind date or something)...she asked to sit at my table and the guy was too cowardly to say anything. It was really weird. She kept saying how she liked big d***s and all this other stuff to show her date she wasn't interested in him. I could have easily cockblocked him, but I'm not a douche bag...she was just a bitch

  • If you can't be with the one you love... love the one you're with.

  • why compromise? get ther other to come over with you and yall three can hangout? win win right there

  • I'd stay with my date. No way in hell I'd do that to anyone.

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