How can you meet someone to date or have a casual relationship with for only a few months?

I'm probably going to be moving in a few months but I want to have some fun. I don't think any guy would want to pursue anything with me seen as it has an expiry date. If I am wrong how should I go about finding a guy? I don't want to go online because it's a small community and everyone would know I used a dating site. Would any of you guys agree to date a girl in this situation?


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  • there is guys that would go for a casual or short term relationship , trust me there is lots that wouldn't mind if it didn't last for very long , some even prefer short term relationships over much more serious ones . I don't think using a dating site is a big deal if your single , people shouldn't be surprised to see you there just don't post anything too revealing as a picture if your worried what people might see or post post stuff publicy about sex and such

    • It causes enough discussion among people around here already just because I'm single. They spend their time trying to figure out why because of how I look. I think if they found out I was using a dating sight they'd talk more.

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  • I wouldn't agree to that at all.

    But if you just want casual relatiosnhip, go to bars.


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